Blues News #630

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Blues News #630

There is nothing more painful than reading reviews of performances you didn’t make it to – I hate it, and that’s exactly what I am about to do. But don’t fret, there’ll be a lot of “to come” sessions mentioned as well.

First up – Bluestone Blues Festival. What can I say? This is one of the best local bespoke festivals on the circuit. Those in the know about Bluestone come from all over Australia (well, I’ve never met an overseas audience member yet), South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland are quite common, but I have to admit West Australia is less so!

This year, being the 20th anniversary of the festival, it was opened by Brian Fraser and Dave the Bastard, moving swiftly on to Miss Whiskey who are off to Memphis sponsored by MBAS.

I could list all the bands and say weren’t they great, as they all were, but that just becomes a roll call, so let me focus on the ones I enjoyed, but without fear or favour.

Hoggies (Hog Stomping Zydegators) from Port Fairy way are always good, though Brendan looked like he was melting in the heat, and it was great to see Marg Rubans grab a washboard and join in.

Jessie Valach is always a favourite, and it was great to see The Mud Peas, an occasional local lineup on stage, pushing it to the limits.

On the 10th, I went to Nicky Bomba’s Bustamento at Wolesley Winery, and the word about that as a venue is definitely out. About 300 came through the gates, and settled in to a sensational afternoon, with the ever versatile Nicky taking us so many places. A Maltese special number for a compatriot, and improvising a piece around the specials board were among my highlights.

OK, so what’s coming up in the next fortnight?

First up the Nightjar Festival at Torquay (21st & 28th) and the Anglesea Music Festival on the 23rd (in case you have been blind to the publicity).

Nick Barker is playing with the Heartache State on the 21st, and Jessey Jackson and the Mojo Corner on the 28th. Nick Barker is well known for his work with The Reptiles, so this should be interesting.

Jessey has a new CD out, and this would be an excellent place to kick back, have a listen and grab a copy. Mojo Corner have not been playing much of late, so a chance to get along to hear them again, should not be missed.

Wayne Jury & Kelly Auty are performing as a duo at Anglesea, and you should not miss that.

Pistol Pete has some great gigs coming; Eddy Boyle from Warrnambool, Paulie Bignell & the Thornbury Two (are they really from Thornbury?) and the Electric Church.

Wolesley Wines is hosting the Disco Rockers Trio (24th), and Chris Wilson with Sarah Carroll (31st).

Some special stuff for the rest of the summer season. I would like to mention that Harry Kuehnel passed away over Xmas – condolences to Justine and all.

Written by John (Dr John) Lamp
Proudly presented by the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club