Aboriginal Comedy Allstars

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars

When it comes to seeing world-class comedy, you only need to see comedian Kevin Kropinyeri in action. One of four comedians who form the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars coming to GPAC on Valentine’s Day, they deliver hilarity stemming from the oldest culture on earth.

“My comedy comes just from pure life experience…as a man growing up in Australia. We like to pull back the curtains and say ‘Come look out our point of view of living in Australia’,” he says.

Kevin in passionate about making people laugh, and not just a chuckle–we’re talking full on, belly aching laughter.

“It’s a unique comedy cultural experience. It’s never been done before,” he explains. “We’re all polished professional comedians that make a living off comedy and we come together as a collective group to bring you big laughs. It’s for all Australians. Yes we do have Indigenous comedy attached to it, but it’s for everybody.”

Partnering with Shiralee Hood, Matt Ford and Andrew Saunders, each of the Allstars bring their own flavour to the comedy show. “We all have unique stories…with our unique comedy, and we’re all Aboriginals. Having said that, we all have different styles so we all reach a different demographic with our comedy,” says Kropinyeri.

“We wouldn’t be a successful act if we didn’t have the funny. So that’s the number one thing that we bring: we bring the funny to the stage. We connect with all people.”

The beauty of comedy is that it breaks down barriers, and whether Kevin is joking about the in-laws or addressing race, he leaves you feeling better for the experience.

“We have a lot of non-Indigenous people who find me when they come to our show and say, ‘Hey, you guys’ show is extremely funny, and we learned a lot. However you made us feel warm and welcome’, and that’s what we’re all about,” shares Kropinyeri.

“It’s not about isolating non –indigenous people, we’re about building a bridge through our comedy.”

The beauty of Aboriginal Comedy Allstars is that it doesn’t shy away from what it is–four hilariously talented comedians who are Indigenous. And while Kevin is aware of how hard he has worked to gain his credibility, he is unconditionally gracious as he talks about his journey to success.

“As an Aboriginal man, I have to be twice as cool to succeed in this country….’Cause we do have a very challenging country that comes with a lot of stereotypes, a lot of negativity to my people, and I think a lot of that I can relate to comedy as well,” he says.

To date, Kevin has performed at the Deadly Awards, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and appeared on numerous TV shows. He takes pride though in being versatile and never forgets his roots.

“I’m humble and I work hard, because I come from nothing. You know, I come from Ngarrindjeri Nation,” he opens up to me.

“I haven’t had the best run in life. So to be able to land on my feet and be a successful professional, a successful Aboriginal man and make a living off comedy is definitely a bonus, I’m just humbled and grateful.”

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars comes to GPAC on February 14. Come to laugh, learn and cry tears of laughter from the comedy genius of four of Australia’s finest comedians.

Tickets available at gpac.org.au

Written by Jessica Morris

When & Where: GPAC, Geelong – February 14