The Jezabels: Synthia

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The Jezabels: Synthia

As soon as ‘Stand and Deliver’ begins, you realise just how all-encompassing this album is going to be. It’s hard not to be drawn in by the slow-building, anthemic sound the band have created. And when the vocals kick in, so too does the heavy emotion behind each and every word.

‘Smile’ is a highlight and crosses a bit of ’90s grunge with pop hints from the ’80s, naturally that makes it a pretty interesting track. ‘Come Alive’ was the first track released from the album, and listening to the combination in the release, it was a wise choice. It hints at a slightly new direction for the band while still staying true to their strengths. ‘Pleasure Drive’ is a highlight for me, it’s an edgy track with segmented guitar riffs throughout the track and synth stylings separating each one. The Jezabels have done a great job of keeping the fans happy with this one, while managing to harness the sense of building to a climax, but keeping within centimetres of reaching it. This album is both a tease and a pleasure.

Out via MGM
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh