A2B Support’s Thai Dinner and Trivia Night: A Night of Flavour and Fundraising

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A2B Support’s Thai Dinner and Trivia Night: A Night of Flavour and Fundraising

Expect a night of major auction items, delectable food, and much more.

In a bid to combat modern-day slavery, A2B Support, a local charity with a strong commitment to social change, is gearing up for an unforgettable evening – the “Thai Dinner and Trivia Night” scheduled for November 24th.

The aim? To kickstart their Lotus Kitchen Food Truck project and raise a commendable $10,000. Not only will this initiative raise awareness about modern-day slavery, debt bondage, and human trafficking, but it will also create sustainable employment opportunities for women affected by these injustices.

Thai Dinner and Trivia Night

  • Date: November 24th
  • Time: 7pm
  • Location: Cloverdale Community Centre
  • Host: The charismatic Steve Horman
  • Special Guests: Liz Bonner-Barnett, CEO of Cloverdale Community Centre, and Roxanne Fabiano from HerSpace
  • Program Highlights: Major auction items, delectable food, and much more

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A2B Support Incorporated, a Geelong-based not-for-profit, is dedicated to aiding social projects that empower disadvantaged children, families, and communities, aiming to break the cycle of poverty, combat injustice, and enhance life opportunities.

Since 2014, A2B has offered financial assistance to projects in Brazil, Indonesia, and locally in Geelong, targeting areas marked by extreme poverty and limited access to essential resources. Focusing on communities grappling with crime, corruption, and social challenges, A2B addresses the grim realities faced by individuals, including early exposure to dangerous labor, substance abuse, and violence.

Notably, A2B extends its support to Australian migrants trapped in debt bondage, a pervasive form of modern-day slavery, offering relief to victims compelled to work under exploitative conditions. Amid the pandemic, A2B provided crucial emergency food relief to vulnerable families, mitigating the impact of income loss due to lockdowns. The organisation remains committed to raising awareness, collecting financial donations, and delivering project governance support to empower communities, fostering positive change and a brighter future.

A2B Support believes in the power of community engagement and is excited to bring the Lotus Kitchen Food Truck to the forefront through this entertaining and enlightening event.

The night promises to be a delightful combination of Thai cuisine, engaging trivia, and a commitment to a cause that deserves attention. Steve Horman, the host for the evening, will guide attendees through a night filled with exciting auction items, and an opportunity to indulge in incredible food, all for a meaningful cause.

A2B Support, in collaboration with Lotus Kitchen, invites everyone to mark their calendars for November 24th, immerse themselves in the vibrant Thai culture, and contribute towards creating a positive change in the community.

Get your work crew together, book a table, and be part of an evening that promises not only delicious food and engaging trivia but also a chance to make a real difference.

You can purchase tickets here