A group of performance-making Geelong locals are making their debut with short film, ‘Anything & Everything’

A group of performance-making Geelong locals are making their debut with short film, ‘Anything & Everything’

Platform Arts ensemble group infinity

The film created by Platform Arts’ ensemble, infinity, has been commissioned by The Substation and will premiere in December.

Geelong locals have been busy creating a thought-provoking short film throughout lockdown.

Platform Arts’ new performance ensemble ‘infinity’, will premiere a screening of their new work, Anything & Everything, commissioned by Newport’s The Substation as part of their In Focus program on Thursday December 10.

Comprising members aged 9 to 26, infinity is a performance-making ensemble that includes a cross-section of young people from Greater Geelong, and it is led by award-winning ensemble director, Jackson Castiglione.

Working online since the beginning of lockdown, the group have not yet met in real life. Meeting each week via zoom, they devise performance concepts and initiate new methods for online collaboration. These meetings have resulted in the short film Anything & Everything, which will be the first of many performance works presented by infinity for Platform Arts, Geelong.

Anything & Everything sees infinity explore exactly that – anything and everything. From intimacy to goldfish to TV shows with protagonists who end up ‘finding themselves.’ From their rooms via the internet, infinity artists have repurposed video conferencing software to create a smashed-up livestreaming event where awkward dance sequences, tacky video effects and video grabs collide with brazen discussion about life from young people’s perspective.

“Our ensemble group has devised their first work under enormous constraints and during the most surreal of times. We look forward to showing you how profound, clever and funny these young artists can be through this poignant and irreverent work,” says Ilana Russell, Platform Youth Arts executive producer.

The film with debut online on Thursday 10 December, 7.00-8.00pm AEST. Tickets via The Substation. This event is free to attend.