A beer and coffee festival is coming to Melbourne

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A beer and coffee festival is coming to Melbourne

Beer and coffee – you’re not Melburnian if you don’t.

The two elements characterising the typical Melburnite come together for an occasion boasting Aviary Coffee’s new residence at Thornbury’s 3 Ravens Brewery.

Six local breweries and six local coffee roasters will collaborate on beers featuring coffee as a key ingredient. Some of the local companies coming together for the festival include Tallboy & Moose, Sailors Grave, Hop Nation and the local Torquay/Geelong based Blackman’s Brewery in the beer department. The likes of Small Batch, DC Coffee, Cartel and Red Bean make up the roasters.

According to Aviary owner, Jason Ferris, collaborations between the beverages have been in talks for a while, “we’ve had lots of conversations of the beer-meets-coffee variety. We’ve been tinkering with some interesting beer and coffee combos and we know that there’s so many possibilities – from the usual stouts and porters to the completely unexpected.”

On The Bend/On The Mend takes over 3 Ravens Brewery in Thornbury on Sunday April 2. Tickets available via Eventbrite.

Via Beat Magazine, written by Tom Parker.

Image via Blackman’s Brewery