A.B. Original: Reclaim Australia

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A.B. Original: Reclaim Australia

There is so much to love about the album Reclaim Australia, first up it actually has something to say, it’s a return to a more West Coast-influenced sound of rapping, it features the likes of Archie Roach and it’s just on the money.

The intro with Archie Roach in which he talks of a protest he was involved in and being “in their face” is the perfect set up to an album that does just that. It’s only fitting the ‘2 Black 2 Strong’ follows it up. The beat is cavernous, the lines are delivered hard and fast – each a well-worded punch to the face. “Still fillin’ prisons, still fillin’ coffins” is a line that touches on the more political elements of what Briggs and Trials are hoping to discuss with their new project A.B. Original.

Guilty Simpson’s appearance in ‘Call ‘em Out’ is a highlight. Synth blends nicely with a percussive beat in ‘Firing Squad’ as Trials, Briggs and Hau bounce off each other in a track that just flows from start to finish. Overall, it’s a release that needs to be listened to. Really listened to. The sound is diverse and sets a precedence for what rap should be in Australia. It wouldn’t be an ambitious call to say this is one of the best releases of the year.

Bad Apples Music/Golden Era Records
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot
Four and a half stars