The Dank Crab Apparel Journey

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The Dank Crab Apparel Journey

A great camping trip can do many things; it can unite a group of friends, give ever-lasting memories, and in more unusual circumstances can be the beginnings of a shirt label. The latter was the case for local brand, Dank Crab.

“We all went camping this time two years ago and we all wanted to have an Olympics to see who was the strongest fastest and fittest – as you do when there’s 20-odd guys camping together,” A spokesperson from Dank Crab says laughing. “We wanted uniforms and to dress up as idiots and it was the Stale Breads versus the Dank Crabs and the Dank Crabs won. So we made shirts for the winners and then everyone wanted the shirts.”

As you’d imagine from the circumstances around its creation, Dank Crab has never been about taking over the world or making money. It was only November last year when the 20 plus Dank Crab members decided to create an online platform to share their wares with those who wanted them, and despite their lack of interest in the matter of making money, a profit was made.

“Because we’ve all got jobs we didn’t expect to make any money at all, and when we did we thought, ‘What do we do with it?’” they say. “Instead of splitting it 20 ways we just thought we’d have a big party because we were spending our money on going out and having fun and wanted to have a party. So we thought everyone who contributed to this money should get to come as well.”

The party took place in a rental soon-to- be vacated with more than 60 Dank Crab supporters and members in attendance. It was a night of celebration and that harnessed the kind of excitement felt from the camping trip that started it all.

There are plans to try a few different things with the brand locals have come to love, things like glow in the dark have been thrown around, but ultimately the group have made success from doing things naturally. “I think if you think about it too much you’re already behind on things, you’ve just got to do it,” they say.

Hell, they’ve even got their nannas wearing them to yoga, and if you can achieve that you’re certainly on to a good thing. So get yourself a DCA tee and join the ranks of followers, you may even get yourself an invite to the next DCA party.

dank 2

From The Team…

1. Three words to describe DCA
-Modern Day Poets
-Bush did Harambe
-Nollsy was robbed
-Matrix = Doco
-Gaggle of geese
-The Weekend Connoisseurs
-Remi Appreciation Society
-Delicate Rose Petals
-Travel Blog Enthusiasts

2. Second use for a DCA tee?
-Wipes the tears of a gypsy
-Needs a first use to be granted a second
-They make great flag
-Your mum’s nighty
-Mopping up juice
-It becomes an excellent tinder pick up line on a Sunday evening at around 8.40pm.
-Turning you from a low 6 to a solid 8 on the Lambys’ dance floor *insert dab here*

Instagram: @dankcrabapparel

Written by Amanda Sherring