Bendigo’s Trevor Petrie shines on his solo album, Live at Mouse Mountain

Bendigo’s Trevor Petrie shines on his solo album, Live at Mouse Mountain

Regional Victoria’s own Trevor Petrie has been busy with the release of his latest album – Trevor Petrie Live at Mouse Mountain, recorded late last year at the aforementioned Mouse Mountain studios in Kyabram, Victoria.

Bringing well over a decade of experience to the table, Trevor’s newest album presents the listener with sombre and heart felt sounds that will keep draw you to connect to the story of the various songs through out the album. This is where Trevor shines, his ability to convey a story across to his audience.

Not afraid to explore the sadder stories of his experiences in life, ‘Lion in the closet’ immediately expresses a distinctive dark theme that, along with nice melodies and a clean sound will keep the listener invested in the story. The story doesn’t stop there, follow up track ‘Devil on my shoulder’ maintains the tempo of the album and continues to showcase clean vocals and solid song writing.

Live at Mouse Mountain is very much an album focused on storytelling, with an emphasis on thought and idea conflict with the added element of a live performance in an intimate setting, which brings additional conveyed emotion and further depth to the album.

Live at Mouse Mountain is out now.

Move over TikTok, Instagram Reels has just launched in Australia

Instagram’s challenger to Tiktok, Reels, has launched in Australia today.

Cited as a ‘new Instagram format’, Reels gives Instagram users the ability to create and discover short-form, edited videos with audio and music. Looking to be a big part of the future of entertainment on the platform, the content creation function joins the platform’s previous content offering of Stories, Live, IGTV, photography and video.

Taking inspo from their creators and community (and TikTok), Reels will allow users to access a range of new video features including editing tools, timer, speed controls, AR effects, countdown and a new align tool. You can create a Reels video using multiple clips, and then add original audio or music from their massive library.

“Instagram is where millions of Australians come everyday to express themselves and be entertained,” says Will Easton, Managing Director of Facebook Australia & New Zealand.

“Our community is telling us they want to make and watch short-form, edited videos, which is exactly how we’ve developed the Reels experience. Whether you are a creator with a passion to share or a business with a story to tell, our new Reels format empowers your creativity and helps you reach new audiences on a global stage.”

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Introducing Reels ⁣⁣ ⁣ Now you can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with music, effects and new creative features. Reels lets you express yourself and entertain people, whether you’re showing off a new skill or making a funny video the world deserves to see.⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Share reels with friends on Feed — and if you have a public account, you can also share reels with the larger Instagram community in a new space in Explore.⁣⁣ ⁣ Today Reels is rolling out to more than 50 countries, and we can’t wait to see what you create. Tap the link in our bio for more information.

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Upon the release, Instagram also said that its full range of privacy and safety features has been built into Reels, so users can manage who sees the content, filter comments and restrict viewing.

To mark its launch, Instagram provided a step-by-step guide on accessing and using Reels.

  1. Select Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. You’ll see a variety of creative editing tools on the left side of your screen that you can use to create your reel, including Music, AR Effects, Align Tool, Timer and others. Reels can be recorded in a series of clips (one at a time), all at once, or using video uploads from your gallery.
  2. Record the first clip by pressing and holding the capture button. You’ll see a progress indicator at the top of the screen as you record. Stop recording to end each clip.
  3. Once your reel is ready, choose the share button, where you can change the cover image, add a caption, hashtags, and tag your friends. You can also save a draft of your reel if you want to pause and come back to it.
  4. After you share your reel, it will live on a separate Reels tab on your profile, where people can find the reels you’ve shared. You’ll be able to see likes and comments, and how many times your reel has been played.
  5. Whether you have a public or private account, you can share your reel to your Story, close friends, or in a direct message. If you opt to do so, your reel will behave like a regular Story — it will not be shared to Reels in Explore, will not appear on your profile, and will disappear after 24 hours.

Pennsylvania’s Don’t Sleep have channelled 90s punk influences on their debut album Turn The Tide

East Coast outfit Don’t Sleep are gearing up to release their debut full length, Turn The Tide.

First off, I found the album channelling the 90s punk vibes of Bad Brains, Propagandhi and Descendants. To be honest now thinking about it, and I’m not sure if the band would agree, but elements of the riffs and song structure actually remind me of ‘Black Sails in the Sunset’ era AFI, in particular the song ‘No Other Way.’

‘Abandoned Us’ is the kind of blistering punk song you’d expect to find on the upcoming re-release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, in fact it seems wrong that it’s not.

‘We Remain” adds a breakdown in the bridge that really caught my attention with it’s unexpected change up while the rhythm and percussive elements of ‘True North’ gives off a very Fugazi ‘Waiting Room’ vibe, and that’s the vibe I’m into.

I found Don’t Sleep lean a bit more into the ‘So-Cal’ side of hardcore as well as East Coast which I found a really great change up throughout the album.

‘The Wreckage’ is an incredible song to have added onto this album. Being the only song to incorporate a reggae, ska styled approach which immediately felt like a homage to The Clash and Bad Brains.

Overall, ‘Turn The Tide’ is the first ever release I’ve listened to by ‘Don’t Sleep’ but the Pennsylvanian based group can definitely count me in as a fan from now on.

Turn The Tide is out on September 4 via Mission Two Entertainment.

An Aussie company has made a Hot Sauce Infused Vodka and we’re here for it

A positive of this pandemic has undoubtably been the absolute influx in creative endeavours and crazy inventions spawned from clearly way too much time at home, and we’ve just stumbled upon an absolute cracker from Perth hot sauce business Bunsters.

Creator of the iconic hot sauce ‘Shit the Bed’, which has picked up something of a cult following both in Australia and the US, the company CEO Renae Bunster decided to turn the spicy hot sauce into a spicy vodka after an overindulgence in spicy daytime cocktails, and people are going wild over it.

“When I was stuck at home with my kids during the COVID lockdowns I was drinking a lot of Bloody Marys,” she said.

“The vodka got me thinking – how can I make these drinks even faster? The result is amazing. All the heat and flavour of Shit the Bed infused into vodka. It’s unreal.”

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Bunsters newest product is a doozy.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's Shit the Bed infused vodka and you need this in your life. It makes the best Bloody Mary you've ever tasted, just add tomato juice!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We've used all of the fresh ingredients of Shit the Bed and seeped them in to vodka using care, attention and father time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To get your hands on one of the first bottles of this pre order one from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is not a joke.

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Designed to be a main ingredient of vodka martinis, shots, and bloody mary’s, the craft distillery vodka is simply infused with all the chilli and flavour of the Shit the Bed hot sauce, which has been a number-one seller on Amazon in the States, and is on the shelves in some 600 independent supermarkets in Australia.

You can pre-order yours online here for AUD$70 a bottle, with delivery expected in September or October.

We accept no responsibility if you give this a go and it lives up to its name…

Give the wholefood/bulk food life a go with these regional stores operating throughout lockdown

Ever wondered how to boost your immune system, prevent disease, and slow down the process of ageing? A wholefood diet is a big part of the answer.

Wholefoods are single ingredient, ‘what you see is what you get kind’ of foods. Unlike processed foods, which are often filled with chemicals and preservatives, wholefoods are chock full of nutrients essential for a healthy diet. Think: a humble carrot dipped in hummus, or a delightful quinoa salad doused with olive oil. A consistent, clean and old-fashioned approach to eating is what a wholefood diet is all about – no fads or restrictive, temporary plans here. We’re talking diverse, inventive and most importantly, delicious meals!

So what should we be looking to buy?

Things like unprocessed fruit and vegetables; nuts and seeds; wholegrains (brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, rye, whole-wheat, millet and cornmeal); beans and legumes (lentils, chickpeas, black beans and butter beans); and animal products that are still in their natural states (milk, eggs, poultry, red meat and seafood). Sadly, that round up does not include veggie chips, which seems to trick everyone with its act of wholesome goodness. No – those are processed, put them back.

These days in our busy, modern lives, striving for a complete wholefood diet may be somewhat unobtainable. Instead, nutritionists suggest 60 to 75 percent of our diet should be comprised of wholefoods to see positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing. That means shopping more in the fresh produce section of your local markets and steering clear of as much packaged, preservative-dense foods as you can resist.

Fortunately for us, a plethora of wholefood shops have popped up in regional areas over the last few years. Hosting an array of organic and locally grown produce, shops like Valerie’s Pantry in Belmont are a wholefood convert’s haven. Expect to find there all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre your body needs, as well some healthy goodies like organic chocolate. I mean, it’s all about balance, right?

The good news doesn’t stop there though. Many of these wholefood stores are also embracing a bulk-buy approach to shopping. “Bulk buying” may conjure frightening images of mountainous piles of toilet paper from Costco, but this is more low-key vibe. Remember the old days when you could choose exactly how much rice you wanted from the barrel? That’s what certain bulk buying stores are bringing back – only with way more diversity.

Bulk buying cuts out the middle man – fancy packaging and single-use plastics – and gives you just what you need; food! It’s a great way to reduce waste and get properly hands-on with your shopping. Stores like The Source Bulk Foods require BYO bags and jars to fill up with just the ingredients you’re after. You weigh your contents to the gram for the exact the amount you need, which can drastically alter the amount of food going to landfill. It’s a win for the bin and the wallet in the long run.

If overhauling your way of eating overnight feels like it may induce a panic attack, just remember to aim for progress, not perfection. One step at a time you can change your eating and shopping habits, learning more as you go.

If you’re interested in giving the wholefood/bulk food life a go, here’s a list of some regional stores that are still currently operating throughout lockdown to get you started.

Surf Coast
24 Gilbert St

Peaches Torquay
132 Surfcoast Hwy

Surfcoast Wholefoods
41 Bristol Road

Lorne Wholefoods Eco Store
HAH Longbeach
81 Mountjoy Parade

Sandy Feet Café and Health Foods
139 Great Ocean Road
Apollo Bay

Valerie’s Pantry
138 High Street

The Source Bulk Foods
210 Pakington St
Geelong West

Organic Larder
167 Malop Street

Eastside Wholefoods
138 High Street

Geelong Fresh Foods
171 Pakington Street,
Geelong West

Ballarat Wholefoods Collective
Barkley Square
Ballarat East

23 Sturt St
Ballarat Central

The Source Bulk Foods
Shop 3/1-3 Eastwood St
Ballarat Central

Bendigo Wholefoods
314 Lyttleton Terrace

Organics Bendigo
320 Lyttleton Terrace

Castlemaine Fresh
73 Mostyn Street

Green Goes the Grocer
29A Templeton Street

The Food Garden (food box delivery)
14A Mostyn Street

Hepburn Wholefoods Collective
Daylesford Lawn Tennis Club
66a West Street

Daylesford Healthfood & Organics
27 Albert Street

155 Fairy Street

The Natural Path
Shop 4, 249 Timor Street

Otherwise, jump online. Here are some wholefood stockists that deliver all across Victoria:
Wholesome Hub
Passion Foods
Santos Wholefoods
The Wholefood Collective

Baked By Us has created a ‘pay it forward’ movement, delivering cupcakes to locals affected by the pandemic

Many of you may have seen the movie ‘Pay It Forward’ or have read the novel of the same name – a story about a young boy who did three good deeds for others in need. In return, all that the child wanted was that they pass on the good deed to three other people and keep the cycle going.

One good deed might not seem like a lot, but if everyone did something good for someone else, then that cycle of generosity and kindness can spark us to become better people – and in times like these, that’s all we need right now.

Sprinkling love across the community, Geelong cupcakery Baked By Us has kickstarted a ‘pay it forward’ movement across the town, delivering boxes of cupcakes to those who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a post to Instagram earlier this week, the cupcakery (who already support young people who have a disability to gain workplace skills and experience) revealed that they would deliver six packs of cupcakes to locals who have been deeply impacted in the last few months or days due to Covid, in an attempt to make a positive impact on the community.

To nominate someone to receive the cupcakes, followers simply had to leave a love heart emoji in the comments, for the names to then be chosen at random. The person contacted would then share the address of a local they think needs a small, anonymous act of kindness sent their way.

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Our hearts are very heavy for everyone in Vic at the moment In an attempt to make a postive impact in our community, BBU will be delivering 6 x 4 packs this Thursday to those who have been deeply impacted in the last few months or days due to Covid. This can be anyone from a small bussiness owner, someone living alone or a elderly neighbour who needs a small act of kindness sent their way. To nominate a person you may have in mind please do not tag them, just simply leave a below in the comments and we will put everyones names into a box and pick out the 6 recipients at random. We will then contact the person who has noninated to get the address of the person we will be delivering too. That way we can keep it anonymous and respect the privacy of the recipient. *edit updated to 8 boxes thank you to a pay it forward* . . Baked by Us will continue to stay open under the new restrictions. We will continue to with online orders & contact free collection. As usual place your order online – call us when your out the front – and we'll bring it out to your car! . . From all all of us please stay safe and let's all look after each other #ndis #morethancupcakes #78ryriest #geelongcupcakes

A post shared by Geelong cupcakes 78 Ryrie st (@bakedbyus_geelong) on

It’s a simple deed and it struck a chord with many in the community, who began paying it forward by purchasing boxes of cupcakes to be donated within the community, so much so that the cupcakery has already received enough donations to deliver cupcakes this week and next week, contact free of course.

If you would like to join in and pay for a box to be delivered to an anonymous Geelong local who is doing it tough right now, you can head to their website and purchase a ‘pay it forward’ box of cupcakes for $14.

To nominations someone to receive a box, head to their Facebook and Instagram pages and follow the prompts there!

Acts big or small, it all counts.

Boost your mood in iso with these five podcasts

The world has been looking pretty damn grey for a while now, and while those first couple of weeks of self-isolation back in March may have had you feeling relaxed, rested and with a new found love for baking, painting and live stream yoga, it’s now just left us all feeling a little blue and stir crazy.

As we continue to stay inside and responsibly socially distance, there are some things that can help to recharge mentally, improve our mood and just take a break from all the craziness, including listening to podcasts.

Helping listeners escape iso-fatigue, we have rounded up five podcasts worth checking out.

Brain on Nature
Following a bicycle accident, Aussie journalist Sarah Allely suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. Unable to do the things that she loved like reading and writing, Sarah found that immersing herself in nature alleviated her pain and helped her on the path to recovery. In series two of the biographic podcast Sarah seeks to unearth why nature has a therapeutic impact on the brain. At a time when many of us can’t escape to nature, Brain on Nature’s expansive sound design is the next best thing.

Move Your Mind
Nick Bracks is known for starring in Neighbours, strutting down the catwalk and for being the son of a former Victorian Premier, but for the past decade Nick has devoted his time to destigmatising conversations about mental health in Australia. In his new podcast, Nick openly shares his struggles with depression. Joined by the likes of Packed to the Rafters star Hugh Sherdian, beloved chef Manu Fiedel and other mental health advocates, Nick offers listeners advice on how they can take control of their mental well-being during these uncertain times.

Squiz Shortcuts
While we are all fatigued by the dread and doom of the daily news cycle, it is still important to be informed. Free from the negative spin and complicated jargon, The Squiz Shortcuts is a weekly deep dive into a topic that is taking over the Aussie newsfeed. From TikTok to Trump, each week creators and co-hosts Claire Kimball and Kate Watson take a short and sharp look into the biggest news stories of the past seven days to ensure you are on top of what you need to know.

Mish and Zach’s Leguizamarama
In the brand new show, local comedians Zach Ruane (from Aunty Donna) and Mish Wittrup, introduce listeners to the lockdown obsession you didn’t know you needed until now: actor John Leguizamo. Each week Ruane and Wittrup lay their love of cult movie star Leguizamo on the line and review one of his many fine films, TV shows, music video appearances or Ice Age performances. Who knew an exploration of Sid the sloth could be so entertaining?

If you are yet to binge historical TV series Outlander in 2020, you are doing isolation all wrong. Leaving no stone unturned, Outlander’s unofficial podcast partner Outcasts is the perfect accompaniment to all the 18th Century Scotish Highlands gossip you have been craving from the show. With the help of the cast and crew from the iconic series, hosts David Berry aka Lord John Grey and Tim Downie aka Governor Tryon delve into the juicy behind the scenes details that fans of the show will love.

American Express launches $1M music relief fund

American Express has today launched its 2020 Music Backers Fund, a million-dollar initiative that intends to reinvigorate the Aussie music sector which was derailed by the global health pandemic, and its necessary restrictions and bans on gatherings.

The industry has been hit hard; to the same time last year, 84 per cent of those in the music and supporting industries have seen a decrease in their annual income.

Despite the harsh challenges five out of six (83 per cent) are more determined than ever to succeed. American Express recognises the various challenges currently faced by music businesses and artists in doing so, and has designed the Music Backers Fund with multiple initiatives to support them.

With more rolling out over the coming months, today marks the start of two in particular.

The first is a number of grants between $2,000 and $50,000. Open for music businesses and artists, the grants are divided into three categories: helping careers or businesses to get back on track, funding new ideas or income streams, and supporting innovation projects that have a positive impact on the music-loving community. These applications are open until 9am on Monday 9 November (AEDT).

The second is an initiative where the public is able to ‘Nominate A Mate’ working in the industry who they feel deserves a grant. Successful nominees will receive $1,500, while those nominating their mates will go in the draw to win a $250 voucher. Applications are open until 11:59pm, Sunday 13 September (AEST).

To coincide with applications opening, Amex announced the first four winners of ‘Nominate A Mate’ grants today. The recipients are singer-songwriter Mitch Tambo, Isol-Aid co-founder Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt, podcast host Nic Kelly and Cody Munro Morre and Jordanne Chant of Dinosaur City Records who have been recognised for their ongoing commitment to the sector, tirelessly giving back and innovating to help keep the industry alive.

“We started Music Backers out of an awareness that the industry needed backing to survive,” says American Express Vice President of Brand and Experiences, Naysla Edwards.

“Today, that’s truer than ever. Following on from the $1 million we invested in year one, the new Music Backers Fund will support a variety of initiatives that contribute to the music sector to help keep the music playing across Australia.”

Applications are now open. To get involved and to learn more, visit

An Important Message from the Music Industry: ‘Don’t Be That Guy’

Signifying another setback for the industry, incidents related to the sexual assault and harassment of women within the Australian music industry have surfaced over past weeks, as recent cases have indicated yet again that the safety within the music scene is not up to standard.

A new tool and resource to be used at the one-on-one meeting level under the directive of “Don’t Be That Guy”, the Commitment is widely adopted when preparing writing or recording sessions, photoshoots, rehearsals and other kinds of meetings.

These procedures will be actioned in order to put respect and safety on the agenda, as well as provide some guidelines on appropriate behaviour. With the complete goal of creating a safe environment before all parties meet.

With the presence of systemic and harmful power imbalances within the music industry, the resource is an acknowledgement to these prevalent issues.

It incorporates thorough commitment to help create change and a common-sense approach that establishes a platform for respect and safety, whilst outlining issues and sensitivities for those who are unaware.

Covering issues such as discrimination, harassment, and abuse related to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, ability, and minority status, the tool aids in settling a safe confident environment.

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*PLEASE READ AND SHARE* Over the last few weeks the Australian music industry has once again been rocked by incidents of sexual assault and harassment. There are systemic and harmful power imbalances within our community – and discrimination, abuse, and harassment still persist across gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, ability, and the full spectrum of ‘other’. . If you are an artist, or work with artists, use this resource when booking photoshoots, writing sessions, rehearsals, or any kind of meeting. And know that MANY others are using it as well, including ourselves. . SHARE THE LINK when organising your collaboration, and put respect and safety on the agenda BEFORE you meet. Read more at and at the link in bio. #dontbethatguy

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“In a matter of mere days, we’ve received overwhelming support for the Commitment. It’s a shame that we even need something like this, but this is an industry that is committed to change,” Mick Walsh, a Sydney-based artist manager, and cofounder of the Music Industry Collaborative Commitment said.

Referring to the campaign title, ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ he added, “We’ve made a conscious decision to use the word ‘guy’ in this context. This is largely a men’s issue, and we’d be remiss not to acknowledge that.”

Inclusivity in mind, the Commitment was developed through expert consultations that included representatives of the POC, First Nations, LGBTQI, transgender, women and different ages.

“This is inclusive, and it’s backed by our music industry community,” says Poppy Reid, Managing Editor at The Brag Media and co-founder of the Commitment.

“As a whole we are now offering both a resource for meetings and gatherings, and a commitment to respect our peers. We’re all aware change is needed. We’re all aware change is coming. I just hope this plays a part in that.”

The Music Industry Collaborative Commitment is currently supported and in use by organisations such as AIR, BMG, Downtown Music Publishing, UNIFIED Music Group, MGM, Eleven Music, Mirror Music, I OH YOU, Vita Artists, Cooking Vinyl, Space44, Beehive PR, Deathproof PR, Bossy Music, The PR Files, Musiio, ArowAgency, The Music Network, The Brag Media. With more to come.

With that, the newly launched resource aims to be a basis for other organisations and a helpful use to artists, in means of bringing ample security and confidence in entering collaborative situations.

For businesses and individuals, it is encourage that their names be added in support through the from at

Pull out the shakers, we’re giving away Flowstate Gin to get you through iso

With self-isolation and social distancing measures put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus, confining you to the four walls of your humble abode, it doesn’t mean you can’t still pretend you’re at your local bar, enjoying some bevvies with your nearest and dearest.

To keep the quarantini’s flowing in your household through lockdown 2.0, we’ve teamed up with the team at Flowstate Brewers and Distillers to give a lucky Forte reader the chance to get their mitts on a 700ml bottle of their finest Craft Gin and a Flowstate 5 panel cap in sand – perfect for when you want to knock back a few gins on the deck.

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A post shared by Flowstate Brewers & Distillers (@flowstatecraft) on

By way of background, Torquay-based Flowstate is founded by two brothers with a passion for travel, outdoors, environment and a love of crafting. With their eclectic backgrounds in the building, brewing and horticulture industries, they’ve successfully brought together a practical creativity and a botanical sensibility to their production processes and drink styles. Their hero though is their Craft Gin, which boasts earthy, fruity and floral aromas, combined with spicy, warm notes and a touch of citrus to soften a complex yet delicate finish. Mmm, yum.

While we can’t venture out and explore the coast’s natural beauties, we can make ourselves a delicious drink and dream of when we’ll be able to venture outside again.

All you have to do is enter your details below to go in the running.

Competition closes Wednesday August 19. By entering, you agree to receive marketing collateral from Forte and competition partners. For more info, check out our privacy policy.

#ToAMateThatMatters is an initiative making it easier to check in on those important to you

With the return of lockdown 2.0 and the execution of harsher restrictions, the feeling of human connection has never felt more out of reach, as social distancing in COVID-Australia has made it almost impossible to check in on loved ones.

It’s to no surprise that we’re all feeling the effects of the pandemic, with cases soaring to all-time highs, the mental health of many is at another low, that especially in men.

Research from Beyond Blue found that on average one in eight men will experience depression, whilst one in five suffer from anxiety at some stage of their lives. What’s more startling is that men make up an average of six out of every eight suicides in Australia every day.

While showcasing vulnerability may come natural to some, men are less prompted to open up and engage in conversations that are to do with their feelings, overall risking their mental health and wellbeing.

For that reason, Right Mate has teamed up with ‘The Kindness Pandemic’ in efforts to launch their new #ToAMateThatMatters campaign.

Chris and Luke; two Geelong locals and founders of Right Mate have returned with a new initiative after the success of The Man Walk campaign, a weekly walk that provides a non-judgemental, casual and supportive environment for blokes doing it tough.

This new project will allow users to write an anonymous digital note to a mate and have it displayed on the Right Mate website wall. Those who post on Instagram with the hashtag will also be featured on the site.

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#ToAMateThatMatters Promise me Promise me that on the days that there is more darkness than light…you will reach out. Promise me that when the noise is loud inside you head…you will reach out. Promise me that when you feel like you’re falling….you will reach out. I WILL catch you…that is my promise to you.

A post shared by Right Mate (@right.mate) on

A sign of unconditional love and a tribute to mateship, #ToAMateThatMatters aims to connect with others in the current climate of social disconnection, while reaching out and letting them know you appreciate them.

Driven by their own lived experiences, the duo is passionate about sparking up the conversation of mental health and encouraging those to not see it in an uncomfortable light. Offering not only support but understanding and solutions, Chris and Luke strive to build a community of men and support.

More than ever, sincerity and strength are what we need. Check on your loved ones and let them know you care.

You can submit your own note here.

Nathan Cavaleri debuts his solo album Demons, marking the return of the Aussie homegrown blues musician

After grappling with his own struggles, 38-year-old blues rock singer-songwriter gears up for the launch of his first solo album Demons, which follows the release of the discreetly powerful single ‘Before You Check Out’.

From sharing the stage with legendary names such as BB King, Etta James and Bonnie Raiit and even signing to Michael Jackson’s label at twelve, the Australian musician has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

A prodigy that makes us wish we continued with our weekly piano lessons in childhood.

With vulnerable, tender yet dynamic vocals matched with gloriously buoyant guitar instrumentation, his first single ‘Before You Check Out’, effortlessly takes listeners on a journey to an important place often seen as mundane and dark, not entirely acknowledged by many. Coupled with his velvety vocal timbre, the track however brings a sense of familiarity and comfort of a warm embrace. A reflection of mental illness, the simplicity of the single highlights the loss of Cavaleri’s beloved cousin to his own battles with mental illness.

“I strongly identified with what he went through and wished I had reached out to him. Having battled my own demons, I wondered whether my experience would have helped,” Nathan says.

“I contemplated what I’d share if time could show mercy. I would share how our thoughts and beliefs colourise our experience and skew our perception of the world, giving us a false sense of reality – a notion that helped me to expose the root of many of my physical and mental health issues that were mistakenly believed to be out of my control.”

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My album “Demons” is OUT NOW! It’s both a creative and emotional sense that has me feeling….. I have no word for it but it’s a pretty amazing feeling! It’s out of my hands and into yours and I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support!! #Linkinbio

A post shared by Nathan Cavaleri (@nathan_cavaleri) on

Inspired by his own past experiences, Demons is a self-produced array of diverse songs, that encapsulates the modern vintage sound. A tone so captivating, the ‘Nathan Cavaleri’ sound brings soulful indie rock to the plate.

Fragile and intimate, ‘Hug’ is a bittersweet mix of mellow indie-rock that encapsulates a hint of loneliness and withdrawal. Matched with his explosive ballad-like expression, Cavaleri packs a powerful punch, guiding us through his past and personal contemplation.

“The bulk of Demons was created during a time when I didn’t believe that I’d be mentally and physically stable enough to return to the stage. All songs were written from a place of catharsis,” says Nathan.

“Lyrical themes range from antidotes for the depressed to my fascination for the more taboo side of desire. All falling one way or another under the theme of how humans crumble, melt, face, overpower, surrender, run or dance with our Demons.”

For more upbeat tunes, ’29 Gold Stars’ leaves a memorable impression to the ears. A clever yet deceiving structure, the track’s slow misleading introduction steers you into a much grittier and groovier beat, cleverly playing with the beats of the drums and classic electric guitar, an overall effortlessly cool and vintage production.

Performing at his first gig at six years old and playing sold out arena alongside Jimmy Barnes and Diesel at just twelve, the skill and charisma of Cavaleri did not go unnoticed. A natural born talent, honoured with being recognised and pursued by the likes of pop superstar Madonna and musical icon Prince, the Aussie star has not always had an easy ride.

After recovering from leukaemia at the age of thirteen and stepping away from the spotlight to work on his health in adulthood, Cavaleri has overcame these difficult obstacles and has prepared his first solo album, showcasing personal anecdotes through thoughtfully curated lyrics and powerfully sweet melodic vocals and guitar.

There’s no doubt that the tracks will get you feeling down… in the best way possible that is.

Prime your ears as Nathan Cavaleri’s much anticipated solo album ‘Demons’ is out now. Check it out below.

Readings in Waurn Ponds are slinging their cinema-only Choc Tops for $2

Just because cinemas are closing down again, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an authentic movie night at home with the humblest of movie snacks – the Choc Top.

Ahead of regional Victorian’s stage three restrictions, which come into effect tonight, Readings Cinema in Waurn Ponds has announced they’re clearing out their stock, selling their delicious choc-tops for just $2, today only.

You can eat them today, or pop them in the freezer for all those looming at-home movie nights we’re set to endure over the next six weeks.

Go on, treat yourself to the superior mint and boysenberry, and/or the classic vanilla, choc fudge and salted caramel.

Strictly while stocks last. Social distancing restrictions and mandatory masks apply.

Thousands of Aussies have clicked attending on the event ‘Give Dan Andrews A Virtual Hug’

Australians have spent the most part of this year watching state premiers give daily coronavirus updates on TV, with Victorian Premier Dan Andrews becoming a big part of our lives.

Now as Melbourne enters its first week of the strictest lockdown the country has seen thus far in the coronavirus pandemic, and regional Victoria gears up for Stage 3 restrictions from midnight tonight, Andrews has become the hot topic of conversation, with residents either praising or slamming his decisions.

One Facebook user has opted for the former, creating a viral Facebook event titled ‘Give Dan Andrews A Virtual Hug’ which has accumulated more than 100,000 Aussies within a matter of hours.

Specifically, at time of writing over 65,000 people have clicked attending to the event, while 67,000 people have flagged their interest in showing their virtual support for the premier.

In the event description, the host wrote:

“As we all know, Dan Andrews is looking exhausted and disheartened. This is an event where we can click “Attending/Going” as a virtual way to show him that he has the support of the Victorian people, and we appreciate his incredibly hard work in keeping us safe,” it read.

“Yes, he is not perfect, but as he has said in his own words, there is no ‘handbook’ for a global Pandemic.”

Wait, it gets better…

“Furthermore, I think we should all give Dr. Sutton a cuddle (however I’m not sure on whether the cuddle would be more beneficial for him or us) AND a very special shout out the the Auslan interpreters. You guys do incredible work each and every day. Legends, all of you.”

Love him or hate him, this is exactly what this country needs: humanity coming together (albeit online or in the comforts of their respective homes), spreading positive messages and uplifting each other, especially the battered souls around the world.

This follows the recent trending hashtag #IStandWithDan that took over Twitter on Sunday afternoon, partially in response to the hashtags #DictatorDan and #Shameful that arose as surging coronavirus cases saw the state placed back under Stage Four COVID restrictions over the weekend.

If you’d like to attend the event, you can find it here.

Dig into your pocket, a 24K Gold Sony PlayStation 5 is coming

Ahead of the official release of Sony‘s next-gen console (hopefully sometime in the near future), London-based luxury customization brand, Truly Exquisite, has announced that a bespoke 24K Gold PlayStation 5 will soon be available for purchase.

Dipped in gold, the sleek console is slated to arrive in a complete set with a matching 24K Gold edition controller and headset, making for some seriously extravagant gaming.

The specs, of course, will remain unchanged but if you’re not sold on the 24K Gold, Truly Exquisite are also preparing an 18K Rose Gold and Platinum option… because why the hell not?

Currently, pricing has yet to be confirmed on both the real deal and this baller edition. Although if the authentic Sony PlayStation 5 is predicted to cost somewhere between AU$650-$1,000, you can probably expect a few extra zeros for the luxe finish.

Teasing a December release on socials, keen gamers with deep pockets can head over to Truly Exquisite to learn more and register their interest.

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December 2020

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Get your sugar fix with these local businesses offering takeaway during lockdown

Desserts, sweets and treats have the power to make us all very happy… and with everything happening in the world right now, it’s never been more important to seek out moments that make you happy.

With the belief that a simple sugary-treat can help you forget the world’s problems, and with regional Victoria’s new restrictions looming, we thought we’d point you in the direction of some well-made treats that you can pick up or get dropped at your door for when you need a little pick-me-up over the next few weeks.

Miss Love A Catering – Lara

If there’s one thing us Victorians need right now, it’s donuts. And lots of them.

Thankfully, Geelong-local Haley Stratton that brought you Miss Loves A Coffee, Miss Loves A Donut and Miss Loves A Catering, is masking up and continuing to sling delicious, fresh handmade donuts (and coffee of course) from her van for residents locked down in Lara.

Depending on your mood, you can indulge in a classic cinnamon or jam-filled donut, otherwise Haley recommends their delicious salted caramel or Nutella donuts. All served hot, and washed down by locally roasted Capra Coffee from Geelong, there’s truly no better way to get through lockdown.

What makes these donuts truly elite is the heat factor. Made fresh to order, the minimal fryer-to-mouth time keeps them hot and crisp on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside… Sweet dreams are made of donuts like this.

Due to current social distancing and health regulations, Haley has installed protective screens to ensure you can enjoy every last bite ‘Rona free. Please keep the recommend distance from others when popping down to get your iso treats!

Just be careful of the jam spray when you take that first bite: it comes out hot, delicious and very unpredictable.

Stay tuned to Miss Loves A Catering Facebook page for regular location updates, as well as donut competitions!

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Salted caramel & Nutella Donuts One very Happy customer #Donuts #DonutLove #MissLoveADonut #MissLoveACatering #Geelong #Lara #WeLoveGeelong #OurFamousDonuts

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Baking Bliss – Geelong

Everyone loves a good cupcake. Whether you’re a loyal chocolate fan, or you’ve converted to the red velvet, Nutella, or salted caramel camps, you are probably — like us — always on the hunt for that perfect cupcake… and now we’ve found not only the perfect cupcake, but also a business that will deliver them direct to our door.

Opening up only recently on Ryrie Street, Baking Bliss is your one-stop cake shop, specialising in creating not only amazing cupcakes, but also stunning celebration cakes, cookies, and macarons with the freshest ingredients available. They even have a complete range of cake and cookie decorating supplies for all the at-home bakers.

As we enter lockdown and we accept the fact we’ll be spending the next six weeks in our comfiest Pyjamas, it doesn’t mean we can’t do so with cupcake in hand thanks to Baking Bliss’ new delivery service. Having to close their doors to the general public, the team will be delivering cupcakes, tarts, macarons and fudge free within 5km of Geelong’s CBD. Think cupcake favourite flavours like strawberry, Mars, Nutella, lemon, and Red Velvet, alongside some more exciting flavours like Mermaid, Cookies N Cream and a Cookie Monster! We’re already salivating…

For the at-home chefs or the amateurs just wanting to give it a whirl, you can also get cake decorating supplies delivered to your door.

Lockdown 2.0 just got a whole lot sweeter.

Minimum order is $20 and deliveries will be made after 4pm. Message your order through Facebook or call Trsh on 0422142852 for a delivery quote. Prior arrangement can be made for pickup from store for Geelong customers only Tuesday to Saturday.

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As of Wednesday 5th August due to Stage 3 Lockdown we will be closed to the general public until further notice. We are delivering free within 5 km of Geelong CBD. Our range of cupcakes, tarts, macarons & fudge will be available as well as cake decorating supplies minimum order $20. Message your order through Facebook or call Trsh on 0422142852 for a delivery quote. Prior arrangement pickup from store for Geelong customers only Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 2pm. Delivery after 4pm daily. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Great Ocean Road Ice Creamery and Chocolaterie – Bellbrae

The winter months in this region were made for cosying up with a cup of hot chocolate, and while we imagined our winter with a little more freedom, lockdown doesn’t mean that we have to resort to the traditional Cadbury powder and hot milk to get us through. Thanks to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, they’ve taken their annual Hot Chocolate Festival online, continuing the celebration of the humble cup ‘o cocoa with 31 kinds of exotic flavours that can be delivered direct to your door.

Without having to leave your blanket on the couch, the GORC have decadent ’31 flavour challenge boxes’ and ‘do it yourself’ kits available. The challenge box includes 31 different hot chocolates and come complete with four components to make all limited-edition Hot Chocolate Festival flavours. This includes the 31 flavour infused melts in milk, dark, white, ruby or caramelised white couverture; matching interactive ingredients such as exploding marshmallows, truffle balls, gooey biscuits or pipettes to take your hot drink to the next level; extra couverture chocolate shot; and matching handcrafted marshmallow. Yum!

If all this time at home has you feeling inspired, then the creative DIY hot chocolate boxes are definitely worth looking into. Within the kit, you’ll find milk, dark, white, ruby and caramelised white couverture chocolate pastilles and 12 different exotic ingredients to craft into 24 different ‘hot choc spoons’ to dunk, melt and whisk into hot milk at home any time. The skys the limit, but think of the amazing concoctions you can achieve with salted caramel, mint chips, fudgy caramels, freeze-dried raspberries, chai spice powder, and cookie crumbs, among other ingredients.

If hot chocolate isn’t really your vibe but you’re still wanting to increase your sugar intake, the team of Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs have created some extra special Lockdown Treats to keep the next six weeks sweet for you and your family at home. You’ll find a cookie making and decorating set, brownie and fondue DIY kits, and their famous Ultimate Rocky Road Box, inclusive of 31 different rocky road flavours.

What a time to be alive!

You can order your isolation treats from the website in preparation for one helluva chocolatey August. Delivery is Australia-wide.

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The Cheesecake Shop – Belmont & Leopold

Some things in life are just better together. Bert and Ernie. Gin and tonic. Cheese and cake. If the humble pairing of cheese and cake brings you some solace, you cannot go past the particularly indulgent, cheesy masterpieces from The Cheesecake Shop… especially now that they deliver to your doorstop.

From the traditional classics to the outrageously wicked, there’s a cheesecake for every tastebud this lockdown. You’ll find a number of enticing creations like blueberry cheesecake, wild strawberry cheesecake, a French glaze vanilla continental cheesecake, wildberry baked cheesecake, Mississippi baked cheesecake, and the holy grail of dessert with an American baked cheesecake. Your grandmother will have to forgive us, but it truly is the best cheesecake.

If you’re not totally sold on cheese, or just want to mix it up every now and then, The Cheesecake Shop dabble in a number of other options. There’s the black forest torte, strawberry fields torte, double choc strawberry torte, caramel mudcake, double choc mudcake, rainbow cake, and even the iconic Aussie pavlova. Catering to a range of dietary requirements, you’ll even find a delicious vegan chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and a vegan strawberry chocolate cake with strawberry frosting – completely dairy-free!

If you’re intending to stock up for the entire week, we also recommend you add in a few of their indulgent cupcakes! With heavenly cream cheese frosting packed full of flavour and rich mudcake bases injected with delicious fillings – you might be endlessly drooling until you try them all.

With two stores in Geelong, one in Leopold and one in Belmont, all your sugar cravings can be sorted for both in-store pick up and next day delivery via the website, OR you can find them on UberEats and Menulog.

You can find The Cheesecake Shop at 112A Mt Pleasant Rd, Belmont, and at the Gateway Plaza Leopold (621-659 Bellarine Hwy).

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ALERT Our NEW Cupcakes will blow your mind!! With heavenly cream cheese frosting packed full of flavour and rich mudcake bases injected with delicious fillings – you might be endlessly drooling until you try them all! #cheesecakeshop #bakedinstore #cupcakes

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Twisted Dessert Bar – Geelong CBD

While heading to a dessert bar and indulging in the sweetest of treats with some of your best humans is one of our favourite pastimes, heading to the couch with said treats is just going to have to do for now.

Located on the corner Little Malop street, Twisted Dessert Bar is a go-to place for anyone who has a sweet tooth with their range of cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, slices and truffles… and lucky for sugar-crazed people like ourselves, they’re on both UberEats and Deliveroo for all our iso needs. You can order ‘a spoon full of sugar’ in the form of Red Velvet cake, New York Cheesecake, vegan cupcakes, Donut pudding (yes, you read that right), caramel apple waffles, salted caramel chocolate tart and of course the indulgent brownie.

Alongside the sweets, they’re also slinging hot chocolates, iced frappes, and cappuccinos via the app if you’re in need of an extra hit… Just try to say no.

Find Twisted Dessert Bar on UberEats and Deliveroo or order via their website.

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The best things in life are sweet. #twisteddessertbargeelong

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Sweet Adeline Desserts – Coming Soon

With all this talk of lockdown, we thought we’d also give you something to look forward to.

Please give a warm welcome to Sweet Adeline Desserts. Spawned from the notion that life’s all about following your dreams, Sweet Adeline Desserts promise to offer something truly special to Geelong; something sweet, with a touch of the whimsical.

Creating beautifully crafted desserts, combined with the vintage character of Theodore the dessert caravan bar, the dream team travel from event to event, bringing a distinct charm that is sure to impress. The “Teddy Van” has been lovingly restored, maintaining the integrity of his classic swagger, therefore making him the perfect complement to any styled occasion – be in your hens, birthday, wedding or even just a lavish celebration with the girls…

The hero of Sweet Adeline is most certainly the wow factor of their artisanal desserts. Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients combined with the latest techniques, Sweet Adeline Desserts continually produce innovative dessert designs. The multiple layers of their creations bring a harmonious balance of flavours and textures that will tickle your taste buds, and they offer a range of creations that seamlessly blend with each event setting, creating a wide appeal.

Each month, they’ll be releasing a range of new and exciting FROM THE MENU desserts, their FROM THE BAR creations will be merging cocktails and desserts especially for the grownups, and they’ll even be offering unique FROM YOU custom designs, created in collaboration with the client to complement their special day.

But even if you aren’t looking to cater your next big event, and you are simply looking for some sweets to treat yourself, they will be offering online ordering of their tasty morsels. So, for all you sugar-lovers out there who believe any excuse will do, Sweet Adeline Desserts have got you covered!

Sweet Adeline will be launching in Geelong, September 2020.

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Layers for days. We love playing with flavours and textures to find the perfect balance. Our launch menu is coming along nicely. . #geelongfood #geelongwedding #geelongbusiness #geelongsmallbusiness #geelongdesserts #desserts #bellarinefoodie #geelongevents #geelongfoodscene #geelongmums #geelongcreatives #geelongeats #geelongweddings #geelongbride #geelongfoodie #surfcoastwedding #surfcoastfood #surfcoastevents

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The Jungle Collective are running a monstrous virtual plant sale this weekend

If you’re a big fan of indoor plants, it’s highly likely you’ve heard of The Jungle Collective.

Renowned for taking over Australian warehouses and running pop-up indoor plant sales, The Jungle Collective have been slinging plenty of plants for the last few years – and people have been going crazy for it, with lines to get usually right around the block.

Usually, the team offers up a massive range of indoor plants and often sell pots, terrariums, and other assorted wares—as well as having a horticulturalist on-site to help you make the most of your purchase.
However, with isolation messing with literally everything in our lives once again, the team at TJC have decided to take the warehouse sale online and ‘bring’ it to Geelong, allowing you to fill your home with new green babies, right from your couch. After all, it’s never been more important to create a healthy and relaxed environment at home whilst keeping yourself busy!

So how exactly does a virtual indoor plant sale work?

For early first access, jump on Eventbrite here and register for the event, granting you access to the pop-up shop when it goes live on the weekend. (FYI, this is a ticketed event until further notice and stock will be limited so you’re gonna really want to register for this VIP access).

Their ‘virtual store’ can then be accessed at your allocated time from the link that they’ll be sending you so make sure you check your emails!

Once in, go nuts and buy up your plants ‘virtually’!

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Such a wonderful collection of easy to care for plants! (Okay… maybe not the Fiddle Leaf.) If you're looking for your first indoor plant we suggest a Monstera or Peace Lily! Credit to: @sues_abode

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This sale we will be dispatching week from Sunday, 16th August till the following Monday 24th August. You’ll get an SMS when your order is onboard that day. Please note, there will be three delivery zones. Orders within 25km, will charge $15 delivery; orders within 26-35km will be $25; and orders located 36-50km will incur a $40 delivery charge.

They will offer free shipping for orders of over $100 for orders within 25km, and for others zones, you’ll get $15 off your shipping for when you spend up! There is unfrotuantely no pick-ups for this sale.

Check out the deets via their Facebook event here.

Rosie Roulette shines with originality

If you were to imagine a Tim Burton heroine combined with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, you might come close to understanding the marvellous vibe that is Rosie Roulette. The New Zealand-born singer-songwriter, cabaret and burlesque performer and self-professed “twisted Disney Princess” is a breath of fresh air in the independent music scene.

Rarely do you see a performer so quintessentially themselves in both life and art. But Roulette has found her niche and dominated it. In 2015 she released her first album ‘Racing the Dark’ which showcased Roulette’s powerful, ethereal vocals and her penchant for Shakespearean references. It set the tone for the gothic, sweeping orchestral sound Roulette continues to work with today.

Classically trained in voice and stagecraft, Roulette has been writing music since the tender age of eleven. Initially, songwriting was a side project while she studied at the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art and later pursued a career in musical theatre. But in recent years she decided to turn her passion into a reality – a move that she once thought was impossible.

“I’m my own worst enemy really, because of my training and classical voice. I always thought my dream of becoming a rockstar was unrealistic or unattainable. But I’m done taking my dreams for granted and I’m ready to start taking myself and my music more seriously,” Roulette explains.

Roulette began working with Bradshaw Music Productions to transform her back catalogue of songs into stream-able tracks. Her lyrics fuse autobiographical details with famous myths and fairy-tales, blurring the lines of fact and fiction — and of light and dark.

As a queer woman living with both mental illness and physical disabilities, Roulette is passionate about capturing the light and shade of her experiences, never shying away from their complexity. Growing up with anxiety and clinical depression, her music has been a way of honouring and celebrating her story.

“Songwriting is how I’ve coped in some of the darkest points of my life, it’s how I’ve dealt with loss, trauma, anger, and any emotion that weighed me down and needed to be let out. I also like to think it’s the ultimate justice against my tormentors and abusers, immortalising them and their misdeeds in song.”

Like the artists she listened to growing up, Roulette hopes her music will connect, heal and inspire her listeners. In particular, she hopes to break stigmas surrounding mental illness. In her music video for ‘Sweet Madness’ from 2017, Roulette uses two characters to visually represent her own experiences.

“I was labelled the ‘weird kid’ and was called ‘crazy’ a lot – eventually I started to believe it. But now I’m doing all I can to reclaim that word, through my music and art. Creating characters like Melancholy and Mania not only to express myself but to show others with mental illness that they’re not alone. It’s important to me to use my art and my platform to break down the walls of misunderstanding surrounding all invisible illnesses, as someone with both mental illness and physical disabilities.”

What makes Roulette so captivating is her playful attitude, despite dealing with weighty themes. During her weekly QuaranTEAni Live Stream sessions – which Roulette films from her home during lockdown – she interacts with fans, often writing and performing songs while drinking tea. It’s a positive virtual escape from the drudgery of COVID-19.

“I wanted something to work towards and look forward to every week. Likewise I wanted to give something to others for them to look forward to and enjoy too. I wanted to be the reason why someone else smiled during this unprecedented time.”

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I think I would be a fairy type trainer I wanna live cute, bubblegum pastel dreams . Put this look together for my last Facebook live stream! Join me again next Thursday 7pm AEDT for more tunes, chats and improvs. . Pokemon top from @blackmilkclothing #bmfairytypetiefronttee . Wig from @powderroomd . #pink #pinkwig #pinkhair #fairykei #fairytype #fairytypepokemon #pokemon #blackmilkclothing #pokemontrainer #kawaii #kawaiiaesthetic #jfashion #harajuku #harajukustyle #harajukufashion #singersongwriter #pastelgoth #bubblegoth #keyboard #livestream #kawaiigirl #pastelpink #jigglypuff #ditto #cutegoth #rockmusic #originalartist #improv #pinkgirl

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Clearly, the pandemic hasn’t rained on Roulette’s parade one iota. Despite being immunocompromised and having to self-isolate, her new single ‘Desdemona’ hit airwaves earlier this month and it’s nothing short of Evanescence-inspired fire. The track takes its name from Shakespeare’s Othello, whose story of betrayal Roulette personally identified with. She sings of her misplaced loyalty while exploring the fallibilities of her previous queer relationships. It’s rhythmic, dynamic and hauntingly beautiful.

While we may not know yet when her next album drops, Roulette is hoping to release her next EP by late 2021. If that feels like it’s too long to wait, you can find her performing at the Australian Burlesque Festival in October – pandemic providing, of course.

Until then, you can get listening to ‘Desdemona’ on Spotify here or below. You won’t regret it.

Rosie Roulette · Desdemona