Geelong’s Noah Vernon reveals love-filled new single ‘Rocketship’

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Geelong’s Noah Vernon reveals love-filled new single ‘Rocketship’

Worth every listen.

There is nothing like some smooth vocals and heartfelt, vibey pop to help you unwind, especially after another week staring at your four walls.

Lucky for you, Geelong’s soulful, pop sensation Noah Vernon has just delivered his groovy, romantic, and relatable new single, ‘Rocketship’.

A perfect representation of his journey as a developing artist, ‘Rocketship’ is a melting pot of pop, RnB, alternative and soul, showcasing Noah’s ability to craft relatable songs full of emotional maturity as he explores those intense, idyllic feelings within a relationship.

Taking cues from the likes of Frank Ocean, Khalid, and Bazzi, the single carries you along with its lush production, heartwarming lyrics and bouncy melody. Very quickly, you’re completely drawn in by Noah’s strong vocal control and the light strain on his golden voice that allows for emotions to flow off seamlessly as he poetically portrays the blessings and acme of a youthful love life.

“The song is more than about just being in love,” Noah explains.

“It’s about being in a relationship where that person can make you feel so good and so strong that you can conquer your fears (‘I’m afraid of being in space or getting lost in space’) but that person makes me feel like I can do anything and shows me comfort and safety. I hope my listeners can relate it to their own love story or to the relationship they aspire to.”

A regular on the local touring circuit, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter has been creating unique and versatile music falling under pop, RnB, alternative, soul and even hip hop for the past few years, driven by a passion for experimenting and trying new things.

‘Rocketship’ already follows a steady string of recent releases and independent projects for Noah, including ‘Pretend’, ‘Otherside’, ‘Lately’, ‘Better Me’, and ‘Let You Know’, his latest collab with a2k and Kobe White.

With an aptitude for harnessing emotions and genuinely making music he wants to make, Noah has exceeded all expectations with his latest release. We have a feeling the next couple of years are going to offer him his moment to shine.

Check out the track below.