Five Foods You Should Eat Every Day

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Five Foods You Should Eat Every Day

Yes, Forte is more known for its love of music and the arts but we also love feeling good, so here is some advice from us on food and the ones you should getting in your gob each day.
These little suckers are packed with antioxidants. They literally out test almost every other food group for immunity building nutrients essential to the human body. Heart disease, cancer, age-related blindness, memory loss and urinary tract infections are all illness’ that fear these little bad boys. A hand full a day will keep the doctor away.
You need to be eating this everyday. If you don’t care about bad breath, garlic is most beneficial consumed raw. Garlic has strong anti bacterial qualities and famously can help in shortening the lifespan of colds and flu. Studies show that consuming six cloves of garlic a week can dramatically improve one’s health and lower the risk of several nasty diseases.
Broccoli is considered the world’s number one cancer fighter. It contains elements that help your body detoxify and fight cancer-causing compounds. Eating four serves of broccoli a week significantly reduces your risk of every form of cancer. It’s best consumed steamed but still crunchy, this way it holds onto its main benefit, sulforaphane.
Background of rolled oats
Oats, almond milk, honey, porridge… Goldilocks was very fussy about the temperature of her porridge but anyway you can get it is perfect. This food source is not only fat nutual it actually fights cholesterol and high blood pressure. One cup of cooked oatmeal a day can reduce your risk of heart attack by about 10 percent. I like them odds.
Beans, whilst known to encourage gas, are good for your heart and there’s no point stressing about farting if your hearts not beating, right? Thanks to its high levels of soluble fibre, beans fight artery clogging cholesterol head on, and a recent study also ranked beans among the top antioxidant foods (but still not as good as Blueberrys).