Compare and Reflect Photography Exhibition

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Compare and Reflect Photography Exhibition

Each year the world unveils new technologies and ways of doing things, and photography (even with its analogue beginnings) is no exception. A handful of students from Oxygen College have just been taught in the skills of digital photography through the diploma of photo imaging course available at the college.
As a group the class researched modern photography exhibitions to decide on the concept and settled on ‘compare and reflect’ as the main theme. Essentially the exhibition is about making comparisons, looking at the before and after, masculine and feminine and generally opening your eyes to the world.
The course became about so much more than just working towards an end goal as each element of photography, from management to camera operations, were covered.
“I have seen for myself that a lot of people view arts subjects as a bludge and really not a credible course at all – but this is far from the truth,” student Karrin Reekie says.
“I have been a passionate photographer for over 20 years and certainly had no idea how much there was to learn. Working in the studio and getting to know all the forms of lighting, posing, how to work with clients, how to use all the many and varied forms of lighting, composition of images, as well as how to handle the constructive criticism when our work is displayed on a big screen for all the class to view.”
The student’s vasy array of works are currently on exhibition at Winters Cafe in Geelong until November 12.
Photo Credit: Christine
When & Where: Winters Cafe, Geelong – on now until November 12