Dallas Frasca

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Dallas Frasca

Over 750 shows, including 150 festival slots and the ability to keep raging when Dallas Frasca cracks her skull crowd surfing at the Big Pineapple Music Festival, 2015 has already been one helluva year for the fiery Melburnian riff-rockers Dallas Frasca.
An early version of the group produced a huge sound as an alt-duo, with a bizarre mix of dobros and home-made instruments. Now a trio, with Josh Eales on the drums, the act has built a global following, and made friends in high places, collaborating with Ugly Kid Joe and The Bell Rays earlier this year.
“We toured with The Bell Rays earlier this year, we did this great tour and Lisa and I just fell in love with each other. We had two days off, so we thought why not and recorded a couple songs?” she says.
“You learn so much from those situations, we also randomly met the guys from Ugly Kid Joe, so we ended up going into the studio with them and they’ve just put that track on their album. They haven’t released a studio album in 20 years, so we’re wrapped!”
The inspiring trio have cemented themselves as a band dedicated to touring and are rarely off the road, interrupting Dallas while she’s doing a bit of song writing, she assures me the best is yet to come.
“It’s been a really good year for the band, we feel really inspired at the moment, and it’s a good time for us,” Dallas says.
Labelled as the modern day Janis Joplin, riff-maven rocker Dallas says Joplin, “sort of broke the mould”.
“Women like that really inspire me to be different and be yourself through your music and not fall into those trends,” she says. And it couldn’t have been truer with their latest album Love Army released earlier this year, which was written over a span of three tours to Europe.
“We wrote a lot of the stuff on the road, in hotel rooms in Paris, in London, the albums mixed, you know? And I think it’s because of the influences of different cultures and different places,” she says.
The album was produced by New York legend Andy Baldwin (Bjork, St Lucia, Cat Empire) after the band had worked in a few different studios but last minute said, “Fuck, we need Andy man” and changed producers.
“We’re really proud of the record we did; there’s been a lot of love put into it,” Dallas beams.
Fast becoming one of Australia’s most exciting and revered bands across the globe, and renowned for their electrifying sets, Dallas says she can’t wait to get back to The Loft.
“We are big fans of the guys who run the Loft and Torquay has a really cool music scene, so we’re really looking forward to it,” Dallas says.
“It’s going to be a really good show, we’ve got really kick ass supports so come down and watch some kick ass original music. Get off the computer, come dance your ass off, or mosh or jump off the stage, you know, be in the moment.”
Written by Jariah Travan
When & Where: Torquay Hotel, Torquay – November 6 & The Loft, Warrnambool – November 14