10 of the best inspirational travel films that will make you feel like you’re on holiday this weekend

10 of the best inspirational travel films that will make you feel like you’re on holiday this weekend

Into The Wild
Words by Justin Osborne

These movies will make you want to pack your bags.

Some travel films are just so inspirational and are going to give you itchy feet. You will find that you start feeling the buzz to travel, take on adventures, and other different possibilities. Before you know what’s happening, you are off your sofa and are boarding a plane. It sounds strange, but it is a real possibility if you have the resources. Several inspirational travel films have come to the fire over the years that will inspire you to make that move or take that first step towards chasing a travel experience. Wanderlust is a real thing, and some movies inspire it in people.

Into The Wild

After finishing as the best graduating student from Emory University, Christopher McCandless (who was also an athlete) donated all of his possessions and savings of $24000 to charity. He then hitchhikes into the wilderness in Alaska to live there. He comes across several characters that played some roles in his life through his journey that reshaped him.

Midnight In Paris

This movie is a romantic comedy which revolved around a family always going to Paris for their business. Then two young couples that have been engaged with plans to marry themselves in the fall went through some experiences that changed their lives forever. This movie is about a young man and his love for the city of Paris. It also addresses a common illusion which people have about other people’s lives being much better than theirs.

Under The Tuscan Sun

This is a movie from way back in 2003, but you are sure going to love it to date. Everyone has a dream about leaving everyone and everything behind them to own a house in Tuscany. This was the dream that Diane Lane was living, and in the end, she fell deeply in love with something more than the jaw-dropping countryside that she moved to.

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Lost In Translation

Lost in translation is another 2003 movie that you will fall in love with. This movie by Sofia Coppola had Scarlet Johansson and Bill Murray lost in translation. You will see how important it is to travel and make friends and build relationships from the movie. These relationships often become more important than anything you did or the experience you had during your travel.

The Beach

This is a classic Leonardo DiCaprio travel movie in which the young backpacker chose to risk his life and everything to fulfill his desire to brave through an ultimate adventure. This desire came after the different tales which he heard about the secret island. He then began the journey to find this paradise. It didn’t take long before he discovered that what looked like a paradise can also have its deadly secrets. Now he needs to escape, but he would have to explore some of the dark places and hidden perils which lurk just beyond the paradise.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty took his travels to Iceland, Greenland, and the Himalayas in a bid to make his daydreams become a reality. The search was for a camera film which was an essential piece for him. In the end, he found himself, and he became courageous, which helped him face the unknown.

Life of Pi

This one is from Ang Lee, and you are sure to be carried along on an extraordinary visual masterpiece about a lifetime adventure. This movie was created from a best-selling novel and is about Pi, an Indian boy who survives a cataclysmic shipwreck but becomes stranded with a Bengal tiger on a lifeboat. Together, they make the team and face the majestic grandeur of nature and its fury as they journey along to discovery.

Out of Africa

Karen Blown (a Denmark native) had to reluctantly marry a womanizing baron in the search for a better life. However, the couple traveled down to Nairobi, and Karen found Robert Redford, a hunter with a free-spirited person that’s impossible to hold down, and falls deeply in love with him. This drama, directed by Sydney Pollack, won seven Academy Awards and other statutes for best cinematography, best screenplay, and best picture.

Before Sunrise

Julie Deploy and Ethan Hawke are two young people that met themselves on a train going to Paris from Budapest, and their lives became changed forever. Although they have just one night together, you know that anything is bound to happen when soul mates finally find one another.

Roman Holiday

According to college paper writing services, this movie was mentioned among nominations for 10 Academy Awards. Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for her performance as a modern-day princess that went against the royal obligations she should live by and chose to explore Rome alone. In Rome, she met a newspaperman from America, Gregory Peck, who wanted an exclusive and pretended not to know about her true identity. He failed in his plans after they started to fall in love. He also had Eddie Albert as his cameraman pal, and he added to the fun.

These are ten exciting movies that you are going to love. But beyond loving them, it will inspire your travel mindset.

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