Ziggy Marley: Self-titled

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Ziggy Marley: Self-titled

Carrying the Marley name on with pride, son of Bob, Ziggy Marley, has released his sixth solo studio album with this newest self-titled release. Also a double threat, Ziggy will be appearing (alongside his music) in the action series Hawaii Five-O later this year.

As for the release itself, it’s a cruisey listen, that ebbs and flows between different variations of reggae – with each track underpinning Ziggy’s ability to transform the genre. ‘Amen’ is a highlight with its catchy and simply chorus, the lyrics are quite simple and it allows the layering of instruments and the beat to shine through.

‘Better Together’ is a song with a heartfelt message, “lift your heads up and put your weapons down” – showing the musician can send a message like his father used to; but it still doesn’t quite measure up to the impact of the original king.

Overall it’s a great reggae release that blends together a few contemporary genres, adding rock into the mix.

Out via Source Music
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh