Z-Star Delta

Z-Star Delta

In the middle of touring Australia, surfing and playing gigs, we had a quick chat with Zee Gachette and Sebastien Heintz  of Z-STAR DELTA about their upcoming tour.

Hi Z-Star Delta, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, how are you and what are you up to at the moment? 

Z: Excited inspired, knackered, sticky, not missing the cold at all and eating sushi on Byron Bay.
S: Yeah that’s pretty much it, we’re really happy to be back.

So we saw you’ve been catching up on a lot of the surf in Australia, is your tour doubling as a bit of a surfing trip?

Z: That’s the plan, get as much beach as possible. We got some great surf on the Sunshine Coast mostly body boarding
S: Actually  tomorrow  morning  I’m taking a surf lesson. I can’t wait to be back on a surf board!

You’ll be heading to Geelong soon and we’ve got one of the best beaches in Bells, do you think you’ll be game to take that surf on as well? 

Z: Let’s see what the weather brings, I might take it easy and leave the big surf battles to Seb.
S: Yeah right Zee! As soon as I’m in the water you’ll be on itching for the board.

You’re actually touring Z-Star Delta this time around, how does this live show compare to your other show? 

Z: The energy is different, there’s more subtle dynamics more light and shade in the song-writing and that makes it even more exciting and challenging as a duo. We’re also experimenting with looping guitars, synth sounds and me ravaging the drums. Then the rock ‘n’ roll beast breaks out and you get a taste of the other side.
S:  There are a few limitations, but then being a duo it’s even easier to improvise. We have a direct connection on stage which inspires some really cool new vibes  that we probably wouldn’t tap into with the whole band. Some of the songs are even more menacing so at times the sound is just as powerful and massive.

You’ve been said to have “skipped the emerging status” and while that may seem the case we realise there’s a lot of work behind the scenes. Would you say you had an “emerging”stage? Did you ever question what you were doing during it?
Z: Some artists just stay on the mainland. I’ve always been travelling playing music. In some ways when you go somewhere new, there’s always that emerging/breakthrough period – it’s about perception. I’ve played to audiences of 250,000 and 50. Yes it is a lot of work especially being independent, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve enjoyed the highs and lows of major label life too.
When was the moment where you realised you wanted to be a musician? Did you realise at the same time that it might be quite a difficult career choice to make?
Z: It’s in my blood DNA, surrender is the only option for this life.
S: I can’t remember a particular moment. I think it is more a combination of choices and events that have brought me on  this journey, the path of life. To be honest I think that  as long as you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t matter if it’s hard sometimes. Doing music, touring, travelling and recording are what I like the most on Earth, so it’s pure bliss  to be able to make that my job. Any difficulty is just a new challenge, and I love  the fact that everyday life challenges us and makes us constantly learn new things [and] helps us evolve. It’s a great feeling.
What do you think has been the biggest change for you from those first few days in your career to now?
S:  For me, it doesn’t matter what instruments you play, you have to serve the music.  Constantly work for songs, take them to the highest high. It’s less about  the instrument  and more about the music.  We definitely step out of our comfort zone performing together – there are certain tracks where we build up the layers of sound, like a pyramid of champagne glasses, it needs to be perfect or the whole thing could come crashing down! It’s never happened…but I always feel like I’m on the edge.

When & Where: The Wesley Anne, Northcote – March 25, Baha Tacos Music Bar, Rye – March 26, The Grace Darling, Melbourne – April 1, Pistol Pete’s Food N Blues, Geelong – April 2, Suttons House of Music, Ballarat – April 8 & Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs – April 10.