You can sponsor an animal at the Ballarat Wildlife Park

You can sponsor an animal at the Ballarat Wildlife Park

Australia’s native wildlife is one of the country’s biggest draw-cards for international and domestic visitors, and we’re lucky enough to have an award-winning park in Forte territory to go experience it.

The family-owned and operated Ballarat Wildlife Park has long been a favourite for locals and tourists, with Ballarat’s friendliest Meerkats, Kangaroo Island Kangaroos, giant Tortoises, Rattlesnakes, giant Anacondas, Pythons and even Tasmanian Devils and Victoria’s only Komodo Dragon.

It’s a place of beauty for any wildlife and animal lover, and it’s one championed by a strong passion for the conservation of wildlife and the environment.

Now restrictions are easing around the country and as of June 1, zoos and wildlife parks have been given the green light under physical-distancing directions and a limit of 20 patrons “per space”. However, it’s going to be a while before life returns to normal and these businesses can get back to operating at their usual capacity.

In the meantime, you can still help care for these animals through sponsoring.

With packages ranging from $50 to $500, allow animal lovers can sponsor their favourite wildlife, Koalas, Crocodiles, Tree Kangaroo, Kangaroo Island Kangaroos, Meerkats, Dingos, Cassowary’s, Tasmanian Devils, Snakes and other reptiles, Wombats, Sumatran Tigers, Tortoises, Komodo Dragon, Spotted Quoll, Penguins and so many others!

As the Ballarat Wildlife Park is a family-owned business, accredited by the Zoo & Aquarium Association (ZAA), they don’t receive on-going funding from the Government to support its operations and is reliant on entry fees for survival. Animal sponsorship, therefore, plays a vital role in the park’s support of wildlife conservation, going towards general animal husbandry needs (food, enclosure maintenance), veterinary requirements, and breeding programs for many endangered species.

You can even give the gift of sponsorship if you’re looking for a unique way to surprise the fellow animal lovers in your life.

Enquiries about Animal Sponsorship packages can be sent via email to or simply call them on 53335933. For more info, visit the website.