You can now pick up fresh cannoli and hot pies at Daniel’s Donuts drive thru

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You can now pick up fresh cannoli and hot pies at Daniel’s Donuts drive thru

Geelong residents and Donut lovers went into meltdown last month when news broke that Daniel’s Donuts were opening up a Drive Thru in Belmont.

Taking over the old Hungry Jack’s on High Street, this new destination for doughy treats went gangbusters with cars lined up all the way down the street on opening day, selling out of the deep-fried morsels before 2pm.

While the novelty is yet to wear off with the store consistently attracting high numbers of customers over the past month, the team has just given us another reason to jump in the car with the addition of fresh cannoli and hot pies.

If you’ve never had them, cannoli (or cannolo, singular, meaning “little tube” in Italian) are delicate tubes of golden, fried pastry piped with sweet custard or ricotta. Say no more right? A bakery staple, this Italian dessert really hits the spot.

As for the hot pies, Daniel’s tick all the boxes. Flaky pastry, tick. Premium ingredients, tick. Rich filling hot enough to burn through your palate if you’re not careful, tick. Our pick is their famous NZ style Chunky Steak & Cheese Pie. Just in time for comfort food season, you won’t regret picking up one of these babies in the drive-thru.

These delicious items join the already indulgent list of donuts available, with the likes of the original glaze, jam and cream, Nutella M&M, vanilla slice, cookies and cream, as well as a special vegan selection, milkshakes and hot coffee.

Next time your tastebuds start to crave something a little more decadent in this time of isolation, Daniel’s Donuts is the answer.

Daniel’s Donuts is located at 85 High Street Belmont and open from 6am daily.