Audio-Technica Australia have given away $250,000 worth of microphones

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Audio-Technica Australia have given away $250,000 worth of microphones

We love our audio technology here at Forte, so when we come across a brand that only devotes themselves to designing and building the ultimate equipment but also one that gives back to their community when they can, they get a massive tick from us!

Audio-Technica, the worldwide group of companies creating high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers and electronic products for home, travel and professional use, decided to support the community amidst all the chaos last month by starting the largest giveaway in its history.

With many Australians setting up home offices to follow the new guidelines of social distancing and recording audio being an essential part of many professions, Audio-Technica Australia decided to provide the public with approximately $250,000 worth of microphones, completely free of charge.

The company took to Facebook to announce the give away on a first comes first serves basis and within less than two hours, all items were claimed.

Three different microphone models of their AT99 series were up for grabs (The AT9920, a desk microphone for digital recording, the AT9903, a lavalier clip-on microphone, and the AT9947CM shotgun microphone for the camera), with around 2,000 people out of 30,000 who filled out the form successful in receiving a microphone.

“We were touched by the positive feedback from people on social media,” says Alena Striebel, PR Coordinator at Audio-Technica Australia. “It’s great to think over 2,000 recipients will be enjoying a great quality audio experience during these challenging times.”

This giveaway is reflective of the statement company president, Kazuo Mastushita, made in his letter to the public, where he affirmed that the company is always paying attention to the needs of others and that it will support the creative community throughout this crisis.

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