You can now pick up birthday cakes and family pies at Daniel’s Donuts drive thru

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You can now pick up birthday cakes and family pies at Daniel’s Donuts drive thru

Easy as pie.

Back in March, Geelong residents and Donut lovers went into meltdown when news broke that Daniel’s Donuts were opening up a Drive Thru in Belmont.

Taking over the old Hungry Jack’s on High Street, this new destination for doughy treats went gangbusters with cars lined up all the way down the street on opening day, selling out of the deep-fried morsels before 2pm.

Consistently attracting high numbers of customers over the past few months, the team have since opened up the doors to the storefront, as well as continuously expanding their menu items available through the drive through.

The last few months have seen the addition of fresh cannoli, hot pies, gluten free pies as well as the usual suspects of milkshakes and hot coffee. At one stage there they were even selling Bulla choc tops! There’s even a range of ‘Daniel’s Donut’s’ merch on offer… because who wouldn’t want a novelty donut pillow or donut mug?

Now the team are giving you one, well two, more reasons to jump in the car and hit up the drive-thru with their latest family-sized additions, perfect for those picnics and household bubbles we’re allowed to have.

Firstly, their family sized cakes! Serving eight people, these 7” cakes are perfect for when you’re on your way home from work and you don’t want to get out of the car, or for when you really just don’t want to get out of your trackies (no judgement, we feel you). At $30 each, flavours include Blackforest, Cookies & Cream, Heavenly Chocolate and Strawberry Indulgence. The cakes are available every day, however they can’t guarantee they’ll always have every flavour so if you’re after something specific, it’s best you order it in advance to avoid any disappointing moments.

Alongside the cakes, they’ve also added family sized pies to their offering, making dinner even easier. You can choose from plain beef, chunky steak and cheese, or the indulgent shepherds pie… and you can grab two for $30.

It’s as easy as pie.

Daniel’s Donuts is located at 85 High Street Belmont and open from 6am daily.