You can now Journey all the way back to Jurassic seas with ‘Dive into the Deep’ at Melbourne Aquarium

You can now Journey all the way back to Jurassic seas with ‘Dive into the Deep’ at Melbourne Aquarium

‘Dive into the Deep’ is the Melbourne Aquarium’s new(ish) immersive and interactive exhibit, featuring 14 metre digital projections.

Dive through five different zones and discover the fascinating and incredible creatures that live there. In this interactive and immersive exhibition that’s an informative day out for adults and children alike, explore different the different habitats; sunlight, twilight, midnight, the abyss and the trench. This unique and explorative experience features a massive 14 metre immersive digital projection that gives the audience a deep dive through each zone and even allows you to travel back in time!

The key takeaways

  • Dive into the Deep is Melbourne Aquarium’s new immersive and interactive exhibit
  • Featuring a 14 metre long digital projection, it takes audiences through the various depths of the ocean and even back in time
  • A permanent exhibition, it’s included in the price of admission

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Showcasing environments and the marine creatures that call them home, Dive into the Deep is designed to explain the story of the oceans. It houses a variety of creatures such as the tasselled anglerfish, clownfish, lungfish and many more. Kids can collect a free 12 page activity booklet that comes with coloured pencil packs upon entry.

As part of the permanent exhibitions which are included in the admission price, be sure to check out the rest of the aquarium while you’re there. Featuring grey nurse sharks, bamboo sharks, sea turtles and seadragons, the Melbourne Aquarium is come of the few worldwide aquariums to successfully breed the weedy seadragon in captivity.

Visit Dive into the Deep at the Melbourne Aquarium. Book your tickets online by heading here.