You can now buy the most adorable face masks with your pet’s photo on them

You can now buy the most adorable face masks with your pet’s photo on them

Photo via Bare Bones socials.

Just when you thought protection couldn’t get any better, you add animals to the mix.

If COVID-19 has left us with anything positive, it’s the addition of a new fashion item. In some parts of Australia, fitted face masks have been made compulsory when indoors – that means no bandanas, scarves or face shields.

Alongside its obvious protective qualities, the piece of coverage is the talk of the town, still 18 months on.

Though we can all agree that they’re not at all easy on the eyes. Plain, boring, just the typical light blue we’ve all come to form a love-hate relationship with. Ugh, trauma.

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While it looks like we’re going to be wearing them for a while, why not get a reusable one that you don’t mind wearing? Plus, reusable masks can be washed and, as the name implies, reused as many times as you’d like (just remember to wash them after each use).

If you’re looking for just that, and you happen to be obsessed with your furry friend, we have just the thing for you thanks to Bare Bones, a Gold Coast based Portrait & Pet Gear business

Established in 2015, Bex Colley and her little sidekick Archie the French Bulldog is the team behind this small family run business which creates beautiful illustrated portraits of your pets and humans too, because your best friend doesn’t just deserve a spot next to you on the couch but they deserve their own spot on your wall.

While the talented artist illustrates your pet into a gorgeous art piece, you can now get that darling face printed onto a reusable face mask.

For $39.00, this custom face mask is super comfy and adjustable, large enough for covering the nose and mouth. It’s 100% polyester surface and 100% cotton lining with adjustable drawstrings for comfortable wear.

Not only that but it also includes the creation of 1 pet portrait!

Flaunt your dog, cat or hamster – we’re not here to judge. You’ll be looking A+ while staying COVID-safe. What more can you ask for?

You can purchase yours here