Green up your home post-lockdown with this massive indoor plant sale in Geelong

Green up your home post-lockdown with this massive indoor plant sale in Geelong

Oh Honey is celebrating the end of lockdown #7 (?) with a three day plant sale.

Plant lovers rejoice, local green thumbs Oh Honey Plants, also a killer little cafe, is hosting a lush indoor plant sale this weekend to help bring some joy to Victorians emerging from lockdown number seven.

The key takeaways

  • Oh Honey is hosting a massive plant sale
  • The store is offering 30% off all plants, their biggest discount yet
  • Sale on from Thursday September 16 to Saturday September 18

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Having been confined to our own four walls for the past few weeks with not a whole going on, we’re thinking that we’re not the only ones keen to freshen up our space and breathe some new life into our homes… and what better way than with a cheeky plant sale?

For the next couple of days (Friday, September 17 until 3pm and Saturday, September 18 until 1pm – Oh Honey is hosting an ‘End of Lockdown Plant Sale’, offering 30% off all plants.

This is the biggest discount the magical plant paradise has ever offered and it’s all about celebrating your inner crazy plant lady/guy with a ridiculously amazing amount of stunning indoor plants to give your home the post-lockdown treatment it – and you – deserve.

You’ll be able to browse dozens of lush, desirable plants, including the likes of Syngoniums, String of Pearls, Monsteras, Donkey’s Tail, Lady Finger Palms, Chinese Money Plants, Kentia Palms, Fiddles, Devil’s Ivy, Philodendron Brasil, and so, so much more. There will be a limited number of each variety so we recommend heading in early, especially if you’re vibing a ‘treat yo-self’ kind of day!


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Coffee, pastries and a range of sweet treats will also be available on the day if you need some fuel for your shopping.

Whether you’re looking for ways to liven up your indoors situation, just wanting to make your space potentially less stressful and cozier, or you’re just a self-confessed plant addict, we guarantee you’ll leave Oh Honey that little bit happier, new plant baby in tow.

Oh Honey is located at 65 Myers Street, Geelong (opposite St John of God Hospital)