World-class indian foodie spot Curry at Corio attracts more internationally acclaimed chefs 

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World-class indian foodie spot Curry at Corio attracts more internationally acclaimed chefs 

Gaurav Negi
Words by Staff Writer

Internationally acclaimed Chef Gaurav Negi joins Curry at Corio, while new chef Shoban Rawat joins Curry at Corio in Lara.

There’s nothing like a delicious serve of Indian food, especially when it’s made by a world-famous chef. Except maybe when it’s made by two of them!

In some great news for all the local foodies out there, Corio has just scored a serious dose of flavour with the arrival of another internationally renowned chef at Curry at Corio.

Gaurav Negi, a culinary maestro hailing from esteemed establishments like Shangri-La Eros and Lemon Trees Hotels in India, has joined the kitchen team at Curry at Corio earlier this month, joining Curry at Corio owner and internationally acclaimed chef Atar Singh.

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Alongside Negi, the seasoned chef Shoban Rawat also joins the Curry at Corio family, though he will be heading to Lara’s outpost. Boasting over 35 years of culinary expertise, Rawat’s skills have been garnered both in India and at Tasmania’s finest Indian eateries, including Annapurna Indian Cuisine in Hobart.

These culinary wizards have been handpicked by Singh, the visionary chef behind Curry at Corio, known for his appearances on SBS Food’s The Chefs’ Line. Singh, with an illustrious career spanning continents, has brought his exquisite five-star curries to Greater Geelong since 2020, captivating locals with his mastery of Indian cuisine.

Singh’s journey from The Connaught Palace in New Delhi to the shores of Australia has been one paved with culinary brilliance. Trained under the guidance of renowned chefs and honing his skills across diverse cuisines, Singh has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape, earning accolades and rave reviews wherever he goes.

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The Curry at Corio restaurants have already become darlings of the local scene, winning hearts with their signature dishes like Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Rogan Josh, and more. Singh’s commitment to quality shines through in every dish, with slow-cooking methods and house-made spice blends ensuring a burst of flavour in every bite.

Excited about the addition of Negi and Rawat to the team, Singh expresses his delight in offering Corio and Lara, as well as Greater Geelong, an unparalleled dining experience. With their arrival, Curry at Corio promises to elevate the culinary scene, delivering a taste of authentic Indian cuisine that’s sure to leave diners craving for more.

Hungry for a culinary adventure?

Make your way to Curry at Corio in Corio Shopping Centre or Curry at Corio (Lara) at 4/9-25 McClelland Avenue, Lara. You can find out more here