Win a double pass to see Mogwai and CIVIC at Geelong’s Tent Pole: A Musical Jamboree

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Win a double pass to see Mogwai and CIVIC at Geelong’s Tent Pole: A Musical Jamboree


We're giving you and a friend a chance to win an exclusive double pass to see Mogwai and CIVIC live at Tent Pole: A Musical Jamboree in Geelong on Saturday, 17th February 2024

Get ready for the ultimate musical jamboree as Geelong’s Tent Pole Festival returns in 2024, headlined by alternative rock legends Dinosaur Jr. and post-rock monarchs Mogwai.

This fantastic all-ages festival, which made its unforgettable debut last year, promises to be even bigger and better in 2024, with a lineup featuring 10 of the most iconic names in the music industry across two huge stages.

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To celebrate this sonic feast, we’re giving away a double pass every day for five days as we spotlight some of the bands performing, ensuring you and a friend don’t miss a beat at this extraordinary event.

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First we looked at Dinosaur Jr. and RVG, so now let’s take a look at another two huge bands to get excited about:


For over 25 years, Mogwai has reigned as sonic architects, crafting monumental soundscapes that defy convention and redefine the boundaries of post-rock. Hailing from Scotland, this innovative and hugely influential band has amassed critical acclaim with a discography spanning several critically acclaimed albums.

Known for their colossal sound, Mogwai’s live shows are a testament to their musical prowess, taking the audience on epic journeys through the furthest frontiers of noise.

Their latest album, “As The Love Continues,” not only secured Mogwai their first UK number one in 2021 but also showcased their ever-expanding vision. Much like iconic artists such as Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, Mogwai refuses to be confined to a specific genre, consistently pushing the boundaries of their sonic landscape.


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With ten records under their belt, Mogwai has never faltered, delivering a consistent stream of music that transcends expectations. In a world where predictability is the norm, Mogwai remains a constant source of solace from the mundane, providing a transcendent soundtrack for the stories unfolding in the minds of their listeners.

Beyond their albums, Mogwai has left an indelible mark on the world of film and television, creating acclaimed soundtracks, including the recent contribution to the Apple TV+ show “Black Bird.” Founder Stuart Braithwaite’s autobiography, “Spaceships Over Glasgow: Mogwai and Misspent Youth,” further enriches the band’s narrative, offering insights into their enduring journey.

As the title of one of their albums boldly states, “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” – a sentiment that resonates with the Mogwai way. Everything stays and everything passes, but Mogwai remains a force that defies time and convention. The recent chart-topping success of “As The Love Continues” is a testament to their enduring impact and the realisation that Mogwai is not just on the axis; they are the axis, forever shaping the trajectory of the rock sphere.


Having smashed a triumphant UK tour at The Great Escape Festival and making waves during their US debut at SXSW 2023, CIVIC has left an indelible mark on the global punk scene. Proclaimed by the Austin Chronicle as wielders of a “tough sound” that confirms Aussie punk supremacy, CIVIC’s live performances have been described by The Current in Minneapolis as an unstoppable force, with Magnet in Philadelphia declaring them the standout act at SXSW.

Led by the charismatic frontman Jim McCullough, CIVIC’s energetic and intense sets have become synonymous with a visceral and unforgettable live experience. Their prowess on stage has garnered praise across continents, establishing them as one of the most exhilarating bands to emerge in recent years.

With their sophomore full-length album, “Taken By Force,” CIVIC continues to redefine the reckless intensity of proto-punk, offering an immersive and emotionally charged body of work. Following the success of their critically acclaimed 2021 debut LP, “Future Forecast,” the Melbourne-based band seamlessly blends frenetic sound with self-aware outpouring and incisive observations of the world.

Taken By Force: CIVIC prove themselves Australia’s most genuine punk outfit with new album

CIVIC’s new album joyfully obliterates the line between furious catharsis and unbridled fun, injecting a vital energy into today’s musical landscape. As they gear up for their first-ever stateside tour this fall, including headline dates in major markets and coveted slots at Gonerfest (Memphis, TN – SOLD OUT) and Levitation (Austin, TX), CIVIC is set to unleash their raw, unapologetic punk spirit upon the US.

Prepare to witness the chaos as CIVIC transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the global punk scene.

Tent Pole: A Musical Jamboree returns to Mt Duneed Estate on Saturday 17 February. All info and ticketing details: