Will Atkinson

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Will Atkinson

First experiencing an Australian audience last October, Glasgow producer Will Atkinson will head back to our shores this November for earthcore, and he can’t wait to hit the bush.

Hi Will, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

Thanks for having me! How are ya? Yeah all be Grandy-Osy with me. Currently in my studio flicking between Euros and this interview. four weeks of international football, with this much coverage, [has been] so awesome. I’ve also been wrapping up a new record entitled ‘Till Dawn’ which is a ‘not messing around’ 142 BPM relentless bitch. A nod in the direction of Paul van Dyk’s golden era.

We just saw you did a pretty amazing warehouse show, how was it? What do you think it is about that location that created such a good vibe?

Simply incredible. It’s one of those 的 was there・shows. They only come around once in a decade. 4000 people in a huge industrial warehouse with four underground DJs ・totally back to the roots. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. I’d hate to see the electricity bill the next day. Ha. You can actually listen to the set on SoundCloud.

Given you had such a good time, do you think you’ll look at doing more warehouse shows?

It’s always special stripping it back to bare essentials. There’s something amazing about playing in a massive open space. The slap of the music and the crowd reverberating – within reason – it’s almost primal. The crowd follow me deeper into it too, so I can really take them to a pretty intense place in these kind of set ups. I usually get to play at least 5-6 of these kind of venues each year so I’m blessed in that sense.

You’ve been doing this since you were 14, how has your music evolved since that time?

I feel when I first started out, I wanted to learn how to do everything for the sake of knowing how. And so my music sounded a little forced. Over the years though I’ve dropped using so many elements and concentrated on using the right sounds in the right sonic space. There’s a place for every sound and frequency. My music is less busy now but I can still really push the energy by using the right techniques and right placement – less is more essentially.

And Judge Jules gave you your first radio play, are you still in contact? What does he think of how your career has progressed?

I don’t speak to Jules so much nowadays. He was there to give me that foot up into the scene – something everyone needs – I’ll always hold the utmost respect for him. He showed me a lot of support and handed me some huge opportunities. Everyone needs a mentor and a foot in the door. He did his job and pushed me as much as he could. Now he’s still doing his thing… I’m doing mine.

What do you think your career would have looked like if Jules didn’t share your track when he did?

Music is in my blood. I live it. Breathe it. And when I should be sleeping, I’m constantly thinking about it. So with or without someone like Jules to give me that initial push, I’d still be here.

You’re no stranger to the festival scene and you’ve been announced as one of the artists performing at earthcore in Australia. Would that be your first time there? And what have you heard about it?

The buzz is absolutely real for this show. I’ve a few friends who are already out in Australia working and travelling. They keep quite literally raving on about these “Bush Doofs” so I’m delighted to be involved with arguably the mother of them all in the form of earthcore. It’s going to be totally bonkers.

How do Australians compare to the rest of the world, do we know how to party?

I first felt the power and energy of the Australian crowd at Subculture Sydney last October. Since then I’ve been pretty eager to get back over!

Out of everywhere you’ve performed, and with all the massive crowds, have there ever been moments where things have gotten too crazy, or do you thrive off that?

Definitely not! I thrive off the madness. And the badness 😉

Thanks again for the chat, any last words of wisdom you would like to share with our readers?

If you can’t beat it.. Whisk it. See you in The Bush! Mwah.

When & Where: earthcore, Pyalong – November 24-28