What’s on Ballarat?

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What’s on Ballarat?

Legends of Australian rock and roll come to the Rat frequently and there are few bigger than Diesel – who played two sold out shows at Suttons House of Music recently and rocked the socks of those who were lucky enough to get tickets.

Mental As Anything also fronted up in the Goldfields and played their Australiana rock to a sold out crowd in mid June, and they have lost nothing as they head gracefully into legendary rock status.

If you are somewhere in the vicinity, you must get to a gig at this venue as it truly is a magical place to see music. Perhaps the ideal introductory gig might be the pending arrival of The Badloves who are coming to Ballarat mid-July. I have always had a liking for this band and I saw them play in Geelong around eight months ago, and whilst they were a little rusty, it’s amazing how many great songs they have once the lads get warmed up – I’ll be front row at this one for sure.

Babushka has Bill Barber playing the blues on June 25 and Stephen Russell playing a Sunday session the day after.

Interesting experimental pop diva Ngaiire is coming to Karova Lounge on June 24 . ‘House on a Rock’ is the track that appeals to me the most from the album Blastoma. The album was actually named after a cancer diagnosis she received at the age of three.

Lots of space and beautiful sweet soaring vocals are there in abundance on this album and it’s worth having a listen to if this style of music is what you enjoy.

The Trillionayaers are a mix and match of various band members that have fronted the Ballarat music scene for some time, but have decided to pull together a trio. Rumour has it that the first show they played was an absolute cracker and had the room rocking.

‘Sun Is Up’ is their debut single and and it has a huge sound with big reverb guitars and solid tempo. Well placed reverb on the vocals,and this is an impressive debut. I’m sure there are locals chaffing at the bit to see this gig on June 25.

You can head back to Karova the next day and see The Bennies grind out their psychedelic reggae ska doom metal, if that butters your crumpet. I’m off to fill in the gig diary.

Written by Glen Anderson