Where to find the best non-alcoholic drinks in regional Victoria to sip on this summer

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Where to find the best non-alcoholic drinks in regional Victoria to sip on this summer

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Perfect for BBQs, picnics and midweek knockoffs.

While things are warming up and we’re allowed to catch up with more friends and family, people across the state are trying to find some of the coolest new drinks to enjoy. 

With lockdown changing people’s drinking habits, a lot of people have opted in for alcohol-free choices, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest new beverages from drink makers across regional Victoria.  

Monday Distillery

Nestled away in the heart of South Geelong, you’ll find the awesome Monday Distillery, one of our town’s top Non-Alcoholic drink makers.  

It’s the brainchild of Sam Manning, who after realising there wasn’t a lot of choices when it  comes to choosing a non-alcoholic drink on a night out, you’re usually stuck with a sparkling water or fizzy drink, which comes with some side eye from others in the bar.  

Their drinks are fresh, healthy and will actually make you feel good after drinking them. They’ve got a large selection of drinks to choose from, and at a pretty reasonable price too.  To name a few, they’ve got a Non-Alcoholic Mezcalita, and a four pack of that only costs  $27.50, they’ve got a non-alcoholic slab of seltzer for $69, and you can grab build your own pretty cool Mixologist box for $180, with products that usually cost around $220! Grab that here.  

Check out some more info here

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Bridge Road Brewers

They’re usually known for their amazing array of alcoholic beers, but Beechworth’s Bridge  Road Brewers have a pretty popular non-alcoholic brew that’s worth checking out.  

The team have been hard at work on creating their Free Time Alcohol-Free Pale Ale – the website saying they’ve been refining and perfecting the recipe for the last two years, so you know this’ll taste like a quality drop.  

It uses the hops Citra, Simcoe and Enigma, which are usually used for those lighter lager and ales. Read: the perfect summer beverage.  

If you’re allowed, it’ll also be worth checking out their brewhouse in Beechworth,  where you can go on a tour and see how the amazing Free Time Ale is created.  

It’s only $15 for a four-pack, which you can grab it from their website here, or from pretty much any bottle shop, or your local Dan Murphy’s


It’s not really from a regional town, but Cheltenham’s NON is worth mentioning on this list.  

They’ve got a pretty cool and wacky range of non-alcoholic wines, all of the flavours are things you’d never expect – Salted Raspberry and Chamomile, Caramelised Pear and Kombu,  Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu, Roasted Beetroot and Sansho, Lemon Marmalade and  Hibiscus, Tomato Water and Basil, Stewed Cherry and Coffee, and their most popular,  currently sold out Golden Mandarin and Thyme.  

These amazing flavours have garnered a lot of attention from wine aficionados and non-alcoholic drinkers alike, and for only around $30 a bottle, it’s a bargain for the quality stuff you’re getting. 

A whole other section of their website features some really nice and healthy recipes, perfect for pairing with one of their non-alcoholic wines, which you can find here.  

They’ve got some pretty cool other areas to their business, which you can check out over on their website here.  


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Holgate Brewing

Woodend’s Holgate Brewing has been around for 20 years and are masters at adapting to creating the sort of drinks people want to taste.  

This has led them to create the Love All Pale Ale, an alcohol-free drink taking the state by storm. It’s the perfect beverage if you hate those nasty hangovers, the light hops making it a tasty drink.  

They set apart from the pack by moving away from the common fruity taste of an alcohol-free beer, they have some biscuity aromas and flavours that are common in those fancier beers with alcohol in them. 

You can grab it from their website here, and it only costs $46.50 for a slab, which is a  steal compared to the exuberant prices some other craft beer breweries charge for their slabs.  

Check out some more information on Holgate brewing and other beers that they offer here.  


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The Fermentary

Now this one is a stunner. Rose Water Kefir is a luxurious non-alcoholic drop that can be enjoyed neat or mixed.

The magical delicious elixir is expertly fermented by Sharon at The Fermentary from petals hand-picked at the stunning Acre of Roses in Trentham and sister rose farm, Crofters Fold Estate, where both bee-friendly farms grow beautiful varieties of edible roses using holistic biodynamic methods that are gentle on the earth and suitable for consumption.

You might notice that the colour of the Rose Water Kefir changes batch to batch depending on the colour of the petals used. If they harvest mostly rich pinks and deep red petals like those of Mr Lincoln rose, then the tonic will be dusty pink. If they harvest an abundance of other varieties such as the Lions Rose, then the tonic might exude a golden hue. Whatever the colour, one thing is certain our Rose Water Kefir is always sparkling, always refreshing and always delightful!

You can find it here. This is a seasonal drop so availability varies.

Non Alc Wines

Run out of Geelong, Non Alc wines aim to supply some of the best non-alcoholic beverages to that side of the state.  

They don’t create the drinks but offer some of the best non-alcoholic beverages to people across the state. They supply drinks from all corners of the world – Europe, USA and Spain to name a few.  

In what seems to be a large gap in the market, Non Alc started after there was a limited number of non-alcoholic choices on the market at a reasonable price. They now offer all types of beverages like cordials and mixers on top of alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits. 

Check out some more information about Non Alc wines here.


Mornington Brewery

A fine line between regional and metro, we’re claiming this one for the purposes of this article.

Brewed on-site at the iconic Mornington Brewery in the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, one of Australia’s best independent craft breweries, the Mornington Free Pale Ale is free from alcohol and packed with an aroma of passionfruit and citrus.

It’s brewed under a quirky recipe that only allows the beer to ferment to less than 0.5 per cent ABV while harnessing the full-on taste and has a light golden colour that’s typical of a true-blue Pale Ale and a taste indistinguishable from an alcoholic Pale Ale. As is the case, this one’s low alcohol as opposed to completely alcohol free.

Check it out here.

Naked Life

Now, this is another Melbourne one, but it’s too good not to include, especially if you’re looking for some cocktail alternatives. Naked Life creates health-conscious mocktails designed for grown-ups. Developed under a ‘no nasties’ ethos, all of their products are vegan, ultra-low calories and free from sugar and artificial flavours.

Their range includes sugar free gin mocktails, margarita mocktails and more and uses natural extracts such as lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, ginger, pomegranate and more are then mixed in, resulting in the unique and delicious taste customers love!

Find out more here.