Where in the world is 2018?

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Where in the world is 2018?

Has anyone seen 2018? Seriously, I can’t find it. Did it have a big night at Lamby’s after a couple of Mario Karts and wake up next to a guy named Luc with a C who needs a ride back to his car because his housemate is out of town?
I need to tell it “it’s not you, it’s me”. I made promises I did not keep.
We first met in January and we had an instant connection. With the sun beating down on us we drove to Lorne for Pier 2 Pub. Just two happy go lucky kids with so much promise, the world at their feet and surrounded by gorgeous men in speedos.
We were still close in April when we hiked our third Surf Coast Trek. Over that 40kms our relationship strengthened. We daydreamed about new goals. I bought a journal from Kikki K so we could write our intentions and make them a reality.
But first I took some time off in May to holiday in Iceland. 2018 was in good spirits at the airport where I promised we would pick up where we left off when I returned.
Then I blinked and it’s November. Seriously WTF?
“The years go faster as you get older”. You might be right old lady at the supermarket. Also, I didn’t ask you. Just pay for your Metamucil and jog on. Can’t you see I’m mourning over my loss and all I want to do is take this tub of salted caramel Timboon ice cream and cradle it on the couch while I watch the second season of unReal in my onesie.
So, I’ve scrolled through my Instagram looking for clues. I met Bebe Rexha and Taylor Swift. I attended galas for inspiring local organisations. I emceed my bestie’s wedding as she got married to the love of her life and I hosted a baby shower for my boss as he welcomed his first child. My girl tribe grew with new and amazingly supportive ladies and I supported them at their new launches.
And I worked. Maybe too much. I joined the Krock Football family and I’m now involved in the Australia wide night show “Random 30” along with my Drive Show, Music Directing and emceeing.
And there was 2018. I never lost it. It was there all the time. “It’s not you it’s me”. I set my expectations too high and got caught up making “tomorrow” plans. I stressed myself out unnecessarily because I asked too much from it.
I’m grateful for what the year has now brought me and taught me. Slow down and embrace love, focus, opportunity, letting in and letting go. Ask myself “is this what I want” and learn to say, “not now”. Take control of my health after too many hospital and doctors’ visits and my to do lists have to include “me time”.
So, thank you 2018. When you let me go you taught me the fragility of time and how to spend it, where to spend it and to be selfish with it. Because my time is just that; mine.
2019. I’m coming for ya. I’m gonna make you my best relationship yet.
*Also, this is the year I buy ambulance cover. I already cashed in my T-uber credit (Talia – Forte editor) to take me from my doctors to Epworth ED. I owe you multiple donuts gorgeous lady.
Stampsy is on the socials so get around her @lee_stamps on Insta & StampsyKROCK on the book!
Stampsy is the Music Director and Drive Announcer at K Rock in Geelong