Pholklore is one place to check out this Summer

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Pholklore is one place to check out this Summer

Often coined a winter dish (the perfect comfort food in the midst of a chilly winter night), for reasons that remain elusive, a bowl of pho is undeniably refreshing in the summer.
Is it the homeostasis caused by the inevitable sweating? The magical mix of root vegetables and spices in the broth? Or, the cool, crisp garnishes on top? The real answer is probably all of the above, but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter why.
A perfect summer food, the Vietnamese soup varies wildly from venue to venue, with variables such as stock, noodle consistency and accompaniments influencing every choice but in the end it all comes down to the slurp. And that’s the slurp from the pho that’s front of you right now… and for us, that’s at Pholklore.
Pholklore is still a relatively new kid on the block and has made its home down in the cool coastal town of Torquay. Situated next door to Bomboras, this place opened its doors at the start of this year and has since been overflowing with chill ocean-side vibes, lots of people and of course, delicious Vietnamese street food.
With a menu boasting a mix of plates to share, lunch rolls, salads and hearty serves of pho filled with so many flavours, there’s something for everyone with any appetite.
Some of our favourites worth mentioning include the Pho Bo – a rare beef and brisket rice noodle soup that hits the spot any time of the day; the Bun Cha – a dish with popular dish with char-grilled pork patties, spring rolls, vermicelli noodles, mixed herbs and a tasty dipping sauce; and the Pho Fusion which is just a delicious melting pot of mixed cuisines.
If you’re in Torquay for lunch, you seriously can’t go past the selection of Vietnamese rolls. From fried egg to cold cut meats, and plain salad to tofu, these rolls are the perfect way to break up the day and dip your toes into Vietnamese cuisine.
Our resident food blogger Allira from She Takes Photos even highlights these guys as one of her go-to’s in Torquay for vegan meals, including crispy tofu planks which are the perfect starter, or the mushroom and tofu Pho Tom Yum and Pho Mi Goreng if you’re feeling extra hungry.
While the food is definitely something to rave about, we’re also loving their drinks menu. Alongside the usual suspects (local and Vietnamese beers, soft drinks and wine), Pholklore have truly embraced the cuisine and have introduced pho-inspired cocktails. From the Hendrick Lamar to the Pho White to the Tom Mary Bloody Yum, there’s no meat in these creations but the aromatics of the famous dish remain: cinnamon, Vietnamese mint, Thai basil, tom yum and fresh coriander, plus some generous splashes of gin, white rum and vodka for good measure.
We would definitely recommend getting down to this place for a huge feed with your friends this summer! Add this to your list of places to eat, you won’t regret it.
Pholklore is open Monday to Thursday from 5pm, and Friday to Sunday from 12pm. Check it out at 38 The Esplanade in Torquay.