What’s on in Ballarat?

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What’s on in Ballarat?

May has generally been pretty pleasant weather-wise in the Rat, and people have been out and about making the most of it before chipping ice off the windscreen becomes a morning ritual.

I have spotted a flash Mexican restaurant that is being built on Armstrong Street in my travels, just a few doors up from Forge Pizzeria. Waiting with bated breath to dive in here and try the tostada stack washed down by a Corona. Opening soon I’m told by my Goldfield spies.

Dumb Punts are playing at Karova Lounge on June 17 and I have to say I am impressed with what I have heard from these guys. Their album Coupla Couplas is well worth giving a spin and it’s certainly got me through a few long days at work. With their Stonesy/ Flamin’ Groovies laconic rolling guitar sounds and catchy hooks, I’m hoping to get along to this one. Come down and support the Melbourne trio who describe their sound as shed rock.

Dane Overton will bring blues and roots music to Babushka on June 11. If your frustration is at boiling point after listening to the election campaign waffle, why not go and get it all off your chest at Words Out Loud at Babushka on June 17, or listen to others do it..!

Chris Wilson will play at Main Bar June 18 as they continue on with their “Season Of Blues” which has been a roaring success according to owner Glen.

Skyscraper Stan is playing Suttons House of Music on June 23. His clever witty lyrics, quirky vocals and sharp bluesy upbeat guitar playing will make Thursday night in Ballarat well worth stepping outside for.

The Beards are also playing in the same night just around the corner at Karova. These guys describe themselves as comedy folk rock, and most of their songs are about… err… beards. This will be a hoot of a night as these guys soldier on around Oz on their Farewell Tour.

On the cafe scene, The Bluestone Cafe in Buninyong do great coffee, cake and make top notch sandwiches if you are over that side of town. The staff are super friendly and the cafe is warm and cozy. Pop in and say hi to Clayton and the gang.

The Meredith Hotel still provides a friendly watering hole for those either travelling to or from Ballarat. The chicken souvlaki is worth stopping off for and Damo and Clare have the pub firing.

Written by Glen Anderson