Pacific Heights: The Stillness

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Pacific Heights: The Stillness

You know that moment where the rain starts across a lake, and the ripples seem to increase with every droplet? A massive storm is brewing and it seems ever so peaceful. The Stillness, by Wellington-based songwriter and music producer Pacific Heights (aka Devin Abrams) encompasses this is musical form.

Opening track ‘Realms’ also has this very effect, and midway through changes and evolves into something far more complex than it began with. Devin has a great ability of utilising different sounds and synths from others in the scene to put them together in exhilarating ways.

‘Hana’ is beautifully anthemic, in its wave-like way of layering synth upon synth as is ‘Ibanaka’ and both stand as favourites on the release.

Throughout the release, Deanne Krieg features in multiple songs (‘Realms’, ‘Airborne’ and ‘Breath and Bone’) and adds to the light and airy nature of Devin’s style. Her vocals are crisp and impressive in the ability to hit the high notes – chances are we’ll be hearing a lot more of the singer. This is one to pick up if you’re a lover of produced music but need something to excite you about the genre again.

Out via Create/Control
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh