What’s on Ballarat?

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What’s on Ballarat?

The Goldfields are still enjoying mild days and a fine array of artists have still been coming to town to keep music lovers satisfied. 

Girl power comes to Ballarat this month with Calling Utopia who will be playing at Babushka Bar on May 13. Their album Xiii is a well recorded tight knit album that showcases great vocals and well polished guitar sounds. This will be a fabulous gig to get to and it’s not on a school night, so no excuses not to get along to this one!

Unfortunately clashing on the same night as Suttons House Of Music, Ballarat Ska Union will have the place jumping. This brand of music is incredibly infectious and if you are new to the genre, just get along and have a listen. These guys are all about having a fun time on stage and before you know it, you’ll be having a blast with them.

Main Bar has recently launched “Season of Blues”. You can buy a ticket for around $90 that will give you access to all shows that will run through until mid August. Some of the fine artists that will be appearing are Chris Wilson, Geoff Achison and Jimi Hocking.

The intimate band room at Main Bar is a fantastic venue to see live artists perform. Not to mention the fabulous food and grog that is prepared downstairs. Another great little place in the heart of Ballarat.

Remember to drop in to Hop Temple in town to have a froffy and sample the many varieties of beer on tap. I dropped in around two weeks ago and the place was swarming with a fabulous vibe and food caravans in the rear courtyard serving gourmet treats to entice one and all. An open fire to offset the chilly night was enough to entice yours truly to settle in for the night. This place is so cool. Get along as soon as you can if you haven’t done so already.

The Royal Hotel in Meredith is spicing things up with the odd night of karaoke. Some brilliant stalwarts of Australian rock have played there in recent times. Last month the INXS Tribute Show came to town and apparently the day was a huge success with the band doing their heroes proud.

The Royal is a great country pub on the Midland Highway well worth dropping in and saying ‘Hi’ to Damo and Clare.

Written by Glen Anderson