How to Organise Music for Your Function

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How to Organise Music for Your Function

Selecting the tunes for your function can be difficult with the amount of different options available. Do you go retro? Should you book a cover band? Can you play your own playlists? These are all valid questions, so we’re here to give you a few pointers when it comes to picking the right option for your party.

Cover Bands

If you’re hosting a party and you think that your guests would appreciate a local cover band knocking out all the classics, then by all means go out and book one. There are a few things to watch out for with cover bands though, always make sure that they steer clear of those few “un-cover-ables”. If this term is new to you, here is the run down, no one wants to hear cover bands struggle to do justice to songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit or Bohemian Rhapsody. They’re most likely not going to sound like the original artists and the people who do cover these types of songs generally get a bad rap. Most bands know their limitations and won’t fail to create an awesome vibe for your party.

Ahh the old iPod – perfect when you’re on the go as we’re all aware, but do people want to hear your workout mix all night? Unless your workout mix is a healthy balance of pop, rock, hip hop, dance music and the occasional oldie, then my answer would be no. Like everything in life, a party playlist is about balance, you’re more than welcome to slide a few of your favourite tracks in across the night (it is your party!), but always remember that your guests want the chance to dance to some of their favourites too. Don’t forget to hide it as well, nothing worse than losing it to your jam and someone changes it half way through.

A DJ is a great way to create the atmosphere of a nightclub at your function, if your clubbing days are over then it could be a way to re-live your youth without the hassle of huge lines at both the bar and the toilet. DJ’s are very versatile in terms of music selection and if you arrange it with them in an advance they’ll happily play some requests. Perhaps not practical for all parties, as they can be expensive and also potentially create an awkward vibe if no one’s really in the dancing mood, but there are plenty of DJ’s around that would be happy to spin a few tunes at your party.

Hiring your favourite local band to play at your party is an awesome way to entertain your guest, but it also supports and helps to expose your local scene. Generally this option is reserved for parties where everyone really enjoys a certain band or style of music. It can be messy booking a band that only 20% of the guests are interested in. Know what your friends are into and always have their interests in mind when organising live music.

We’re going all the way back to the ‘60’s with this option but it’s a great way to keep the guests engaged. A jukebox can take away the stress of organising a hot playlist or finding the right cover band, it gives your guests the opportunity to pick what they want to hear next. They’re very low maintenance and plenty of companies around regional Victoria offer jukebox hire. A jukebox could be the perfect way to enhance your party and give your friends the chance to feel like the Fonz.