What So Not: Not All The Beautiful Things

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What So Not: Not All The Beautiful Things

Highly respected EDM producer What So Not, formerly known for his collaborations with Flume, has taken a solo direction in his music career, imprinting an iconic individualised mark on the electronic dance scene. After wowing fans with his EP Divide & Conquer in 2016, What So Not continues to mirror his layered style in his debut album Not All The Beautiful Things, delivering a three-dimensional sound that leaves listeners with a lingering desire for more.
What So Not’s craftsmanship is undeniable in this album, incorporating synths, vocals and drops in an unpredictable yet harmonious rhythm, creating an effective flow in and out of each track, a rare capability in the EDM field. Steering away from the generic conventions of electronic music, What So Not brings something incredibly different to the table, featuring artists such as Skrillex, Slumberjack and BUOY. The album feasts on an uninterrupted deep and moody vibe, reaching new heights beyond his previous works with a theatrical noise that challenges the typical tempo of EDM.
The album encompasses many emotions with finesse and poise, a credit to the development of What So Not’s thought fueled and anomalous vibe. His album isn’t out until March 9th, but you can check out his single on the album “Be Ok Again” (which we alerted your attention to on December 12) on YouTube and Spotify until then.
4 stars
Sweat It Out
Reviewed by Hannah Kenny