Harry James Angus: Struggle With Glory

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Harry James Angus: Struggle With Glory

Struggle With Glory is the brand new album by Australia’s Harry James Angus. This album is another impressive step in the musical journey for the Melbourne-born musician, who continues to cross musical boundaries, transporting the classic Greco-Roman myths into a surreal world of old time jazz and gospel music.
Harry James Angus has come far from the fresh-faced, but committed teen taking his first tentative steps on the path to jazz. Finding critical and commercial success on stages and charts across the globe with Australia’s beloved The Cat Empire, the jazz disciple, trumpeter and sublime vocalist has succeeded in branching out with a number of acclaimed projects of his own.
Struggle With Glory signifies an important chapter in Harry’s development and a step closer to realising his ideal musical vision. This album takes a significantly different approach to the loud, brash Latin infused sounds of The Cat Empire, Struggle With Glory steps back into more of an old fashioned style of playing, both constrained and confident in its delivery, with a jazz integrity heavily connected to where Harry found his musical beginnings.
Struggle With Glory comes from a life-long love of jazz, gospel, vocal harmonies and trumpet as well as an inspired thought while reading some Greek mythology to his 5 year old son. Harry explains, “what’s different about this project is that I picked a story and then I wrote a song”. This album is brimming with tragedy, pathos and high drama as these ancient tales coming to life against a glorious blend of traditional jazz and gospel tropes, sublime playing and an enveloping warm production.
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3.5 stars
OP/Vitamin Records
Reviewed by Chloe Cicero