We hit emotion town with Emma Louise on five songs that make her cry

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We hit emotion town with Emma Louise on five songs that make her cry

Emma Louise’s new album, Supercry, got us thinking, what songs make you cry? Like really, really cry? In honour of the thought, we got Emma to answer with her top five songs that get her emotional below, you may want a box of tissues before continuing.

1. Last Kiss – Pearl Jam
This was the first song that I’d ever really listened to. My family weren’t very musical but my little cousin Josie pulled me over to listen to this song when I was around 8 and we listened to it and I cried. That was the first time I’d ever been effected by music.

2. How Could You Babe – Tobias Jesso Jr
The ultimate break up song. Everyone has felt the feeling of finding out the person they love is with someone else.

3. Lover You Should Have Come Over – Jeff Buckley
This song is just emotion town. Again a breakup song. So much soul in this song.

4. Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin
Oh man when she played this at the white house this year it blew my mind. I was a mess. Such a powerful song and an amazing version by Aretha. Love Carole King’s version too!

5. Debussy – Clair De Lune
I don’t care if its wanky but this song fills up whatever room I hear it in with the heaviest emotion. It’s so beautiful and pure.

Emma Louise’s new album is already out, you can get it via her website. She performs at Workers Club in Geelong on October 7, you can find the event here.