Warped is back with a new banging sludge-rock tune

Warped is back with a new banging sludge-rock tune

Words by Keegan Bennett, photo courtesy of Warped

The local legends are releasing a new album next year.

For 30 years now, Geelong hard-rock act Warped have been unapologetically crafting driving rock tunes for the people of the bay and beyond to listen to.

Back with a new single, ‘Raised by Goats’, Warped are coming off the back of 2018’s ‘Bolt from the Blue’ and having just signed a new deal with Golden Robot Records, the band is ready to sign off 2020 with the first single from their forthcoming record.

The new single has the band sounding somewhere between Mastodon and Dinosaur Jr., with sludgy, tight production that does well to highlight the bizarre lyrics. In this track, vocalist Ben Watkins pokes fun at urban conspiracy theories, chanting the line “She was raised by goats” over and over, either that or the song is about some weird petting zoo/ orphanage hybrid.

The instrumental work on the track is stellar, with punchy drums that pull you through the three-minute runtime, and a thick bassline that provided some much-needed backing to Watkins’ screeching guitar work, the solo that rounds out the track and the post-chorus chugging are parts to listen out for.

‘Raised by Goats’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any means, but rather adds a few extra spokes, and there’s really nothing wrong with that, especially when the wheel sounds this good. Whether intentional or not, Warped are an Aussie-rock band keeping good old rock-n-roll fantasy storytelling alive, and if the new album is as tight and as fun as this new single, we might be in for a winner.


Check out the new single here, and check out Warped’s Facebook here.