Warm yourself with this delicious Churros Chocolatini Cocktail this winter 

Warm yourself with this delicious Churros Chocolatini Cocktail this winter 


In perhaps the most delicious launch of the year, Baileys has launched a Cinnamon Churros Flavoured Liqueur in Australia and holy shit, dreams do come true. 

Fusing the iconic dessert with its classic Irish whiskey and cream to deliver a decadent treat with a tantalising Latin flavour, Baileys Cinnamon Churros Liqueur features the sweet, mouth-watering fresh taste of cinnamon-covered churros, hugged in Baileys Irish Cream for an irresistible and flavoursome indulgence.  

This liquid gold is an award-winning liquid, already having won a gold medal for spectacular liquid at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, so you know it’s going to be worth it. 

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While it’s perfect for a night on the couch over ice (or ice cream) or even a big dollop in your hot chocolate, Baileys has unveiled a delightful Churros Chocolatini Recipe that’s sure to please – and it’s just 0.7 standard drinks so ideal for a Wednesday night.

So behold the recipe for the Churros Chocolatini Cocktail.

You Will Need:

Chocolate sauce 

1-2 scoops crushed ice 

1 cup of cold hot chocolate 

50 ml Baileys Cinnamon Churros Flavoured Liqueur 

Chocolate shavings

How To Make: 

Drizzle chocolate sauce inside glass. 

Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker. 

Shake, shake, shake and pour into your glass! 

Sprinkle chocolate shavings over the top, and just like that you’ve got yourself one delicious drink in under five minutes. 

Baileys Cinnamon Churros Flavoured Liqueur is available now exclusively at LiquorlandVintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor stores nationwide for AUD $36.99. Be quick, this release is limited!