Warm up with unlimited cheese, mac’n’ five cheese, raclette and more at Australia’s first cheese train, Splatters Cheese Bar

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Warm up with unlimited cheese, mac’n’ five cheese, raclette and more at Australia’s first cheese train, Splatters Cheese Bar

Words by Chloe Cicero 

This is an interactive experience that will bring you back time and time again.

Editorial Correction Statement: In the printed version of the Splatters Article in the July issue of Forte Magazine, there was an error in the possessive adjective used in reference to Jo and Tennille. We apologise for any confusion caused. The sentence should have read “Jo and her wife Tennille” instead of “Jo and his wife Tennille.” We acknowledge the importance of using accurate and respectful language, and we deeply regret this oversight. Forte Magazine is committed to upholding inclusive and sensitive reporting. We appreciate our readers’ understanding and assure you that we will take the necessary measures to prevent such errors in the future.

‘Cheese Your Own Adventure’ at Geelong’s Splatters Cheese Bar – a licensed fromagerie like no other with three separate dining areas including Australia’s first cheese train.

The brainchild of cheesemonger Jo and her wife Tennille, Splatters boasts a 20-metre conveyor belt and a fully licensed bar, offering an interactive cheese and charcuterie dining experience with a distinct focus on Australia’s best artisanal products.

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Geelong’s cheese bar Splatters opens, complete with cheese train, cocktails and Garden of Edam

Each plate offers the opportunity to taste unique pairings of Australian artisanal cheeses (and the occasional international traveller) with housemade and local accompaniments ranging from pickled vegetables and fruit pastes to delicious treats.

Diners have the option to pay per plate (starting from $6 each) or opt for the “All You Can Cheese” experience for $49, which allows unlimited cheese consumption for an hour and a half.

Plates include Meredith feta with toasted ciabatta, shadows of blue cheese with quince pasta, lemon cheesecake, ash brie paired with chocolate orange fennel fudge, and truffle brie paired with buttered popcorn. Additionally, you can enhance your experience by adding a locally made mixed charcuterie plate for $18, suitable for 1-2 people. If you discover a new favourite, all cheeses are available for purchase and takeaway.

The winter menu is now available, featuring the expected cheese and its companions but also a variety of hot cheese-based dishes. Think saganaki, prosciutto and goat feta pizza with rocket and the must-try pickle pizza featuring Splatters famous cheesy bread, with mums secret sweet pickle relish. 

The menu also offers a halloumi burger and a baked pear stuffed with shadows of blue cheese, toasted almonds and drizzled with bellarine honey, plus a selection of cheesy toasties, arancini, Swiss-style fondue, and traditional raclette served over roasted potatoes, with sweet and spicy pickles, midnight ham, and crusty bread. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, no cheese loving venue can be complete without a mac n cheese right? Well you won’t be disappointed, because this menu features a five Cheese Mac ‘N’ Cheese – a true cheese lover’s delight

We know it’s going to be extremely hard not to gorge yourself with one of everything, but please try to make some room for the sweet side of the cheese life: cheesecake. You can’t have a cheesy date without it, and not only is it in its usual cake form, but the Splatters menu also features the greatest deconstructed cheesecake ever, the cheesecake shake.

Splatters has also assured that the menu changes frequently, so no two visits are the same.

If all that wasn’t enough, Splatters also features live music on weekends, wines from the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula region, Thursday night Cheesy Trivia, and exclusive events. It’s an inclusive space where everyone is welcome, including your furry friend in the Garden of Edam.

Not only can you take over the venue and inhale all the cheese (events onsite for 25 up to 100 people) but Splatters also do Splatter Tables, bringing all the cheese, meat and antipasto goodness to an event near you. They offer to come to you – with Grazing Tables and catering available, and Grazing boxes available for pick up, – the tables come in a basic and gourmet form, starting from 20 people and feeding up to 100 people (or just one really hungry cheese loving individual – no judgement here). These tables can be tailored to any dietary or general requests (obviously within reason), so consider them for your next function or cheese craving shindig.

Splatters Cheese Train is located at 168-170 Pakington Street, Geelong West. Opening hours: Wednesday: 11am-3pm, Thursday-Saturday: 11am-3pm, 6pm-9pm and Sunday: 11am-5pm. 

Find out more here. Book via the website or call 0417546826 for groups of five or more.