Vini Vici set to perform at earthcore 2017

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Vini Vici set to perform at earthcore 2017

In the lead-up to earthcore 2017 – one of Australia’s leading outdoor dance and electronic music festivals – Israeli Psytrance DJ duo, Vini Vici, have been working hard in collaboration with fellow Dutch trance DJ duo, W&W, to bring their song ‘Chakra’ together, in which they released last month.

2017 has been a truly amazing year for the band, full of magical moments and major, as well as underground, festivals. After “touring non-stop, studio non-stop, and enjoying [their] life”, the release of ‘Chakra’ is seeing the duo’s sound “exploding at the moment”, seeing these non-stop efforts accumulate into something audiences in the electronic scene seem to be responding to.

The duo, comprised of Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh, has had extensive experience as music producers, working in the industry for over a decade. Their hard working dedication has extended to the festival scene since forming Vini Vici in 2013, having seen them perform 220 shows in some of the most prestigious electronic music events around the globe. These tour destinations include Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, India, Denmark, Italy, the US, the UK, Serbia and Israel, just to name a few.

They do admit, with great honesty, that the “craziness and intensity of touring” led to moments of physical break downs and times where they could not do shows. Despite these occasional exhaustive setbacks, they continue to work hard, tour, and thrive off of the energy of their crowds, attributing their longevity and impact in the music industry to the “main keys” of “keeping it original, and having your own say and style.”

Secondary to this, is enjoying the process and keeping “the muse flowing,” but these result from this core of originality, message, purpose, and style.

This core is currently maintained within the duo, so they see no need for solo projects and reveal with a smile: “We both share the same hunger to be fresh and to grow as artists, I think both of us bring to Vini Vici the fact that nothing is impossible. Our chemistry is great… Ego out, good vibes in.”

Acclaimed Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer, Armin van Buuren, has thrown his support behind ‘Chakra’, and has collaborated with the duo in the past. He has been quoted as saying Vini Vici are some of the few artists in the fields with a “well-defined signature sound.” The duo attributes such praise as resulting from recognition that, as artists, they have something to say.

“As artists you need to have a say, otherwise we don’t think it’s really art,” they say. “Armin is a true legend, so humble and down to earth. He is a true example of how an artist should behave and he was really open-minded during the process.”

Returning Armin van Buuren’s praise with some of their own, the song they made together previously, ‘Great Spirit’, encapsulates what the pair think of Armin.

2016 was a “game changer” for their career. Called by many ‘The Vini Vici Year,’ their remix of ‘Free Tibet’ by Hilight Tribe got a tremendous response, opening many doors.

Describing their sound as “a very tribally psychedelic approach”, the pair seem to see a commitment to their sound and to challenging it to always stay fresh, as is essential to personal success.

With ‘Chakra’, Vini Vici are hoping to help spread the Psytrance culture and energy to the world, and to continue their approach of collaborating with different artists from different genres to bring “something fresh to the music industry and creating something that has never been done before.” ‘Chakra’ itself promises to encapsulate both Vini Vici and W&W’s signature sounds, becoming “a perfect mix of the two worlds”.

Eager to bring their songs and sound to their audience, the duo is excited for earthcore, returning to the festival after playing there in 2016: “earthcore is a great festival – one of our favourites indeed, a lot of happy faces and a lot of good vibes all over the place!”

Their appreciation for the festival, known for its ability to attract international electronic music talent and its no-waste sustainability initiatives, extends to the audience; they express being major fans of Australian crowds.

“We love Australia and the Australian crowd – so warm and crazy at the same time,” Vini Vici reveal, “the response and the connection we have with the Australian crowd is mind blowing for us.”

For more info, be sure to visit the website.

When & Where: earthcore, Elmore Fields – November 23 – 27

Written by Brianna Bullen

Image by Ari Adar