The Ramones’ Marky Ramone is Blitzkrieg Boppin’ his way around the world

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The Ramones’ Marky Ramone is Blitzkrieg Boppin’ his way around the world

The Ramones’ Marc Steven Bell, more commonly known by his stage name of Marky Ramone, is keeping the spirit of the band burning bright with his ‘Blitzkrieg’ tour, which is set to bring him down under this November.

Marky is one of the final remaining members of the iconic outfit which solidified punk rock.

“They [the other Ramones’ members] died too young to enjoy the fruits of their labour and the songs are too good not to be played,” explains Marky of why continuing the legacy is so important to him.

Forming in 1974, Marky jumped on board some years later, filling the place of Tommy Ramone as the band’s drummer. His tenure with the Ramones lasted 15 years, in which he completed ten albums, as well as 1700 live shows.

“When Tommy left the group, he asked me to join the band, ‘cause we all knew each other,” he says, “The first song I recorded with them was ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ and then I went on to do 10 albums, 1700 shows and I was in the band for 15 years, so amongst all that you become very close.

“Brothers fight, brothers make up. I mean, we were a family and unfortunately they [Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Tommy Ramone] succumbed to cancer and that’s why I want to continue this legacy as best as I can.”

While the band defined and solidified the punk rock sound during the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, it remains a benchmark of the genre today; bringing with it generations upon generations of new fans.

“Looking back at all of that and now thinking of the new fans and how much bigger the band has gotten, it’s a good time – especially for the young adults – to see this group, because the reviews and the results that we get are amazing,” says Marky, “I feel that it bridges the generation gap between the older fans and the younger fans and they’re all together, singing along.”

Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg shows have seen him make his way around the world, bridging the generation gap and keeping the band’s spirit alive, one continent at a time. And Australia is up next.

“I was just in China, I was in Dubai, I was in Russia, I was in Spain, Holland, and the reaction is just off the wall,” he explains, “I’m going to India soon, I was never there before… and they want me there and I want to go, because I always wanted to go to places I’ve never been, such as China and Dubai. It’s just amazing.”

Marking his first visit to Australia in several years, Marky recalls fond memories of his time spent here in the past.

“Australia I always loved. I remember celebrating my birthday there in 1980 in Sydney, on a rapid yacht,” he laughs before concluding, “It was wild. Everyone knew how to party, party.”

The show will see Marky perform 38 Ramones classics, such as the likes of ‘Judy Is A Punk’, ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’, ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker’, ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ and ‘Rock & Roll High School’, alongside his group members.

“I have my own group now and it’s the one I’ve had for quite a while and we’ve done so many shows that it’s automatic, you know, when you do something for quite a while it becomes quite easy,” he explains, “It’s going to be one, two, three, four, no stops, no talking, no baloney, just the energy. Just the energy is going to be there and that’s what our original intention was as a band.”

Expanding on this energy Marky speaks of, he goes on to explain what the term Blitzkrieg means to him. The term is often seen in conjunction with Marky’s name, such as in the title of his autobiography Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life as a Ramone and now, in the title of his tour, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg.

“It’s a word of action. It describes an energy, an onslaught, and that’s what we really do in the music. There’s no stopping, it’s just a continuous wall of sound,” explains Marky, “Originally, I figured I would take it from Blitzkrieg Bop, so it’s Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg. It’s also a reminder of that kind of song and that era and why they picked that word.”

Hey-Ho, Let’s Go!

When & Where: Face the Music Summit, Melbourne – November 23 & 24; The Croxton, Melbourne – November 24 & The Pier Hotel, Frankston – November 25

Written by Helena Metzke