Victoria’s freshest swimming holes for you to tick off the list this summer

Victoria’s freshest swimming holes for you to tick off the list this summer

Gooram Falls
Words by Riya Kiran

Grab your bathers and let’s go!

Get close with nature and dip your toes in the most refreshing pools during the height of our Australian summer. Regional Victoria is filled with the most marvellous freshwater treasures and we’ve mapped them out for you.

Cumberland River

Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and peaceful pools in plenty, this place looks like a scene out of a movie. Only 7kms southwest of Lorne and situated on the grand Great Ocean Road, it has to be your go-to on a summer’s day. Whether you take a dip in the relaxing waters, lounge around on the rocks or even go for a stroll along the riverbank, you are sure to awed by this beauty.

Gooram Falls

Feel like you’re in paradise as you bask under the sun and watch these tranquil waters. With plenty of space around, set yourself up for the day as you spend it swimming or even exploring the enchanting woodland. During the cooler months, Gooram falls invites you to perch upon its rocks all rugged up and take in its gorgeous views. Located 15 minutes south of Euroa, the area is a must-visit anytime of the year.

Lake Catani

The grand landscape and marvellous waterfalls of Lake Catani will have you there for hours. Enjoy your day at this idyllic escape as the alpine conditions serve as a relief from the sweltering heat. This artificial lake created at Mount Buffalo National Park, is a beautiful haven just waiting for you to dive in.

Ladies Bath Falls

Give the old ghosts something scandalous to talk about as you take a cheeky dip in this historic body of water. Located in the High Country, the pristine waters of this fall used to accommodate to the travelling ladies of the 1900s. With a magical waterfall falling over its ginormous boulders, this place seems nothing short of perfect. Find yourself relaxing in the clear rock pools and let the gentle waters provide you with a much-needed escape from the heat.

Lake Esmond

This swimming hole located in Ballarat is a holy ground for all nature lovers. Used originally as a quarry for Eureka Tile Works up until 1982, it was eventually revived for public use with all the essential facilities and features. Listen to the abundance of feathered creatures sing as you unwind with a peaceful swim or a cute picnic at this ideal location.

Pound Bend

Only a short drive from Warrandyte, Pound Bend is unparalleled when it comes to simply lazing about. Say goodbye to your aches as you receive a free massage from the natural spa or go further into the shallow pools for a calming swim. Take in the picturesque sites of Pound Bend, by taking a short hike along the walking track or join the others who you’ll find tube-floating at this terrific location.

Turpins Falls

This majestic location in the Macedon Ranges, is absolutely faultless. Encircled by a huge wall of rocks, the impressive waterfall drops down into a body of water larger than an Olympic pool. Kickback on the logs at the base of the falls or dip into the waters to revel in the peace of Turpins Falls. If you dare, you can even take a sneaky swim under the stunning waterfall.

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