Veeped Bored Co-Op

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Veeped Bored Co-Op

From Lara to Leopold, Barwon Heads to Bannockburn and everywhere in-between, Veeped Bored Co are set to cover the backs of locals with their sweet-looking range. The group will be launching their new online store and an even newer artist showcase (titled the Veeped Bored Co-Op) at Kubu Studio on April 16. And if there’s anything we’ve learnt about these guys the past five years is they know how to throw a party…

Hi Trent, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment? 

Hey! I’m good, pretty relaxed times here at Veeped HQ. Currently two beers deep in a weekly Veeped Bored meeting with Goober (Ben Maguire Veeped Co-founder) and Chom (Michael Choma). Some vinyl, some light Veeped Bored Co banter, but mainly talking trash to Ben who is trying to cook ‘Beef Cheeks’ in my oven. Smells good, plenty of cooking you could say.

So we understand it all started at a Thursday night party where an illustration was first scribbled on paper, how does that first sketch compare to the current version?

Yeah, more a meeting of like-minded friends, lots of wine and the notion that we should create a label with unique designs featuring local artists who’d collaborate with our ideas and the vibe we were throwing out there. The first sketch was based on a calling card (a face) I used to leave with notes to tell Ben (beef cheeks, my housemate at the time) I wasn’t going to be home for dinner. I’d sign it V.P. Vernon Polanski – also an alter ego for larger evenings. So we had the name VP-ed which became Veeped because my friends would ask on a Friday or Saturday night “Are you getting V.P-ed tonight?”

And all Geelong locals know a Veeped party is a good party, how do you find the balance between work and fun? Who takes on the enforcer role?

That’s a good question; deadlines are not our strong point. Veeped is still at a hobby stage. We work day jobs and we put in the work when it’s time. However we have been lucky enough to have some uber-talented and connected friends that make a bunch of disorganised vagabonds look good. They help book, plan and promote a great stable of amazing Bands, DJs and artists who play our parties. The Barwon Club has also been a rad Veeped venue. Al O’Neil and Doddsy roll out the red carpet; allowing all the mayhem. All while providing valuable mentoring with production, act booking and life skills.

While we’re on the topic of the team, how would you describe each core member in three words?

Trent ‘Unx’ Stephens (Events pseudo CEO w/ADHD): “Let’s do THIS!!!”
Benjamin Maguire (Artistic Director): “I don’t even care”
Michael Choma (Designer): “Use your words”
Georgia Naughton (Poster Designs/Freelance): Epic Veeped Posters
Ted Sharky (Godfather): Veeped Spiritual Leader
Matthew ‘Chook’ Czarnuch (Website model): Banker, DJ, Pest

Something new to Veeped is the artist showcase; can you tell our readers a little bit about the artists involved?

“VEEPED BORED CO-OP” Artist Showcase is a slight deviation away from the usual debauchery of wild full-venue and mega line-up events. This occasion presents a gallery vibe evening of art, culture, music and American street food. We’ve assembled a bunch of boss and richly talented artists via six-degrees of ‘Veeped Association’ and asked them to kindly to put their best on the walls of a great art space.

The chosen ones are:
Nic Stephens (Ocean Grove, Photography)
Jason Hazel (Melbourne, Visual Art)
Simon ‘Chippa’ Chiovitti (Geetroit City, Street Art)
Benjamin Maguire (No one knows where, Visual Art)

But we won’t give too much away as you’ll need to get to the event to see this for yourself!

Thanks for taking the time to chat, anything else you’d like to add?

Get on the website ( Get to the gig (Kubu Studio, Geelong- 16/4) and get behind the tunes and talents that Geetroit has to offer.

Veeped Bored Co: Perfect for All Occasions

Veeped Geetroit Crew: Design by Simon Chippa Chiovitti.

Geetroit Crew

Versatility is the key for this one; pop it on for a little cheeky day/night session at Captain Bar or for a lazy Sunday sloth session while knocking back a Furphy and Boss Burger, all while representing the Geetroit precinct in style, like this city there is a lot to love with this crew jumper.

Shark Vomit Tee- Design by Georgia Naughton

Shark Vomit (2)
Sharks are very topical and so will you be in this rad tee! Said sharks are found at Slate Pool Hall and also in Port Phillip Bay circling around Darryn Lyon’s Big Christmas tree, be safe out there kids!
Straight Outta Geetroit L/S Tee

Straight Outta Geetroit
“EXPRESS YOURSELF” ya’ll better be representing the 3220. It’s that Eazy!


When & Where: Kubu Studio, Geelong – April 16