M2M Announces Recipients of Major International Sculpture Commission

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M2M Announces Recipients of Major International Sculpture Commission

Cloaked in an animal fur shawl, fighting off the fresh autumn winds, Uncle Bryon Powell greets us all for the launch of the recipients of the major international sculpture commission for Mountain to Mouth.

“Are you all going to be walking the whole distance?” his resonating voice questions, to which the audience nervously laughs.

“I just lost my fitbit!” Mayor Darryn Lyons laughs.

“That’s alright, I’ll give you a couple of sticks to rub along the way and that’ll keep you fit,” Uncle Bryon says.

Mountain to Mouth is Geelong’s 80km extreme arts walk that sees those involved take a two-day journey of discovery across the Geelong region. Occurring on 6-7 May 2016, the walk commences from the You Yangs mountain range crossing Geelong’s industrial heartland at nightfall and arriving in the city to collide with Geelong After Dark – central Geelong’s popup night of arts.

“I was up there on those hills, up on the You Yangs, an hour ago just to get some leaves to bring here for this ceremony so we can connect it in, so we can make it special,” Uncle Bryon says.

“All of you that are here please enjoy this journey, enjoy it from start to finish because it is a special journey. Embrace the past, present and the future and enjoy it. See it through different eyes, and different interpretations… Don’t worry too much about tomorrow, it’ll be here before you know it. On that note, welcome to Wathaurong land.”

The walk is highlighted with artworks commissioned by the event, this year featuring 12 “walking circles”, three ceremonies and a major sculpture commission, which was announced to be constructed by artists Leonard Tebegetu and Mahony Maia Kiely.

“I’m looking forward to engaging in cultural and creative exchanges with Indigenous Elders and local artists,” Mr Tebegetu says.

The artwork to be commissioned will be titled “Canoe” and carried by teams of ambassadors throughout the two day trek.

“Canoe will be built of bamboo and cane, which will be light, yet strong,” she said.

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A mock representation of the canoe was on display, and a walking circle was set up for attendees of the launch to enter and welcome the two artists being commissioned for the project.

“I’m delighted to be here today to announce the recipients of the 2016 Mountain to Mouth international sculpture commission,” the Mayor says.

“The M2M walk as everyone knows has been a multi-award winning extreme arts 80km walk. A tow-day journey of discovery across our incredible region.”

When & Where: M2M begins at the You Yangs on May 6 and will connect with Geelong After Dark scheduled on the same day in the city.