Vance Joy’s intimate acoustic show was just the salve we needed for 2020

Vance Joy’s intimate acoustic show was just the salve we needed for 2020

Words by Kim Price

A happy pandemic memory to hold.

Butterflies still fluttered in the lead up to Vance Joy’s Intimate Acoustic Show on Friday night, despite the pandemic.

Streaming into lounge rooms, elaborate backyard setups and even a spa across Australia (and one viewer from Miami), the wonderful troubadour delighted almost 500 eager fans with his stripped-back hits.

With only a guitar in-hand (and on one occasion a ukulele) Vance Joy’s wholesome one hour concert gave us something to look forward too and a happy pandemic memory to hold.

Coming to his audience live through Zoom, the concert had an intimate feel from the beginning as the familiar video communication has become the service connecting us with our loved ones since March.

The set list included Mess Is Mine, Georgia, Riptide, Saturday Sun, Fire and the Flood and more which were determined pre-show by a viewer-only voting system.

Vance Joy answered many questions throughout the 60 minute set with the help of his old friend and the first person to give Riptide airtime on SYN, Mon, and together they delved into the composition of some of his tracks and how he’s been filling his days.

While he couldn’t hear the applause after every song, he could see the joy he was bringing to his fans and made a point of thanking certain people for their enthusiasm.

Having tuned into a wealth of Instagram live performances since the beginning of the pandemic, the sessions have made me feel frustrated over my dodgy internet and sometimes given me a sense of what I’m missing out on. But after Vance Joy’s set, I was filled with nothing but happiness and anticipation for what the Melbourne-based artist might have in store – and he did mention new music may be on the horizon.

Until then, the Vance Joy Intimate Acoustic Show presented by Side Door quenched my thirst for a gig for another week.