Sattwa Arising releases new album ‘Mind Theft’

Sattwa Arising releases new album ‘Mind Theft’

Words by Alex Lynch

Mind Theft is out now.

Freshly mixed and produced, Sattwa Arisings new album Mind Theft is a generous mix of rock/pop/funk and blues that draws heavily on real life experiences to establish a closer connection with the listener.

Born and bred in Bendigo, talented multi-instrumentalist David Turpie has been a stalwart of the local scene for many years, and no doubt his experience shines through on Mind Theft. Sattwa Arising is more a guise for David as this is a one man show, full of groovy and emotionally rich tracks with a blend of some hard-hitting rock.

The title track kicks things off via a heavy, upbeat intro that brings some initial energy which should have your foot tapping in no time. A no bullshit way to kick things off, this is a harder hitting song than a majority of what’s to come, but certainly not an exception. One of my favourite tracks on the album.

Working down the track list we encounter songs with very clean and crisp guitar, electrifying short solos and a good variety of sounds to keep each track sounding fresh. Track four of the album – You Give Me Life had chills down my spine thanks to an unexpected change in its progression. Basically there is something in this for most people, and it would be wrong to dump Mind Theft directly in the Rock basket. A touch of folk, a touch of blues, some mellow rock and some not so mellow rock make up the larger part of this album.

Reaching its end at Freight Train, a rough rock track with clean instrumentals and solid production (like it has been all album) making it a great choice to end the album on, and is certainly one of the more rocking tracks complimented with a great chorus (and a pretty cool lead break!).

Get behind local, regional talent and check it out!

Mind Theft is available now online.