Valhalla Brewing and Taproom is opening a huge dedicated brewery in Geelong

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Valhalla Brewing and Taproom is opening a huge dedicated brewery in Geelong

In perhaps the best news to finish your hectic week, local brew legends Valhalla Brewing are opening their very own brewery in Geelong next year.

Announced today on social media, owner Scott Hunt revealed a lease has been signed on a site at the iconic Federal Mills in North Geelong.

“For six years we have been on the lookout for the ideal location for a brewery, although several opportunities have failed to reach fruition, we believe the Federal Mills lease proves that good things come to those who wait,” the post read.

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“We are excited to be involved in the creative hub of technology and hospitality at the Federal Mills site and working alongside such great local businesses such as Anther and 1915. Our 1500-litre automated brewhouse will have the capacity to brew up to 500,000 litres per year. ”

Valhalla will be in great company with the likes of Geelong favourites 1915 and Anther Distillery nearby, and will only assist in growing the area as a hospitality destination, attracting beer connoisseurs of the area with a 200-seat taproom onsite, estimated to open sometime in March 2023.


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The beloved taproom, Valhalla Brewing & Taproom will continue to operate in Geelong’s CBD. Located in Geelong’s Union Street (in the building with the striking mural of musicians Jay-Z and Beyonce on the side wall), Valhalla opened their very first dedicated taproom back in December of 2018.

Operating for three years prior under the reigns of founder and owner Hunt, Valhalla is what’s known as a gypsy brewery, where the brewer has no facility of their own and instead the brewer travels to a functioning brewing facility and pays for use of the space to produce their own beer – hence the lengthy search for the right location at Federal Mills.

If you’re not quite familiar with Valhalla, Hunt creates craft beer that honours the Viking philosophy: That life is to be lived to the fullest; that life (and, of course, beer) is a gift from the gods and therefore should honour the gift that has been bestowed upon us. Honouring the philosophy, Valhalla create “seriously drinkable” beers, with beers that will excite and interest dedicated craft beer drinkers, yet also provide an enjoyable experience for the average beer drinker.

Just take a look at their range and you’ll see what we mean. Some of their honourable mentions include the Obsidian Black Ale (fuelled with black malts with bold grassy hoppiness), their Aragon – India Pale Ale (coined a warrior of a beer), the Gallowtree Oatmeal Stout and the American Pale Ale. How’s that for creativity?

Much like their range of beer, the taproom also takes a nod to the Viking vibe, with medieval, gothic and pagan inspired wallpaper, timber tabletops, upholstered bar stools, polished grey floors and gorgeous greenery. To make you feel right at home within their space, the taproom also features a humble lounge area with retro furniture, boasting a vibe reminiscent of walking into someone’s lounge in the 70’s, but without the kitsch.

“When I started Valhalla, the idea was to have a bit of fun,” Scott told Forte in the past. “I’ve owned businesses in other industries, and this was an industry that I knew was very creative and we could just have some fun, and do stuff that we loved and enjoyed. So for me it’s a bit of a creative outlet, not only to create the recipes for the beers, and create the beers, but also to create the labels and the names and the branding around them as well.”

Alongside the brews and the atmosphere, the taproom also hones in on a connection to music, with a record player, an impressive home collection of rotating vinyl spanning the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as a feature wall framing some of music greats. “Music is a really important part of our life, and we think music is a really important part of a space like this, for people to create the right kind of vibe or environment for people to come and chill out,” Scott says.

This is the kind of place where patrons are encouraged to bring their own vinyl to spin and share with the community as they enjoy a cold one, eating amazing spaghetti jaffles and playing UNO.

With a space so welcoming and appreciating of music, Valhalla has been a regular supporter of live music as well, with acoustic sessions with young, local musicians happening all the time.

No doubt when the new 200-seat venue is up and running, we’ll continue to see the same creativity, intimate and down-to-earth vibes shine through, with an added focus on the brewing process for the beer enthusiasts out there.

Valhalla Brewery is set to open March 2023. Keep up to date with the latest from Valhalla Brewing here

Until then, find Valhalla Taproom at 12-14 Union Street, Geelong.