Urban Delusions – G-Two (Glenn Fry)

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Urban Delusions – G-Two (Glenn Fry)

As you walk through the streets and laneways of most urban centres you come to realize that the walls around you are living, breathing works of art. Ever evolving and changing, being painted over by other artists, or by effects of the weather and the ravages of time.
This transitional form of existence creates a beautiful aesthetic that local artist G-TWO (Glenn Fry) has used to create delusional relics of urban street art culture. In Urban Delusions, G-Two shows us an idealistic view of street art in his own created culture the Conceptual Delusion, which G-Two has been developing for the past 20 years.
Some aspects of this delusional culture include a written language, wallpaper designs based upon characters in the language. It also includes representations of pop culture icons and commercial advertisements such as Gremlins, Daleks and Coca Cola.
All of this diverse imagery has been interwoven in multi layered impressions of the urban art aesthetic. Another aspect of this exhibition are a series of drawings that G-Two created for a project last year When Gremlins Attack. He created 76 Gremlins-inspired works of Art which G-Two distributed in a single day on the streets and laneways of both Melbourne and Geelong.
G-Two’s use of the gremlins imagery was a comment on street artists and how they are a lot like gremlins, adding that little bit of colour and chaos into a grey urban landscape. All of the works were free for any passer-by to pick up and take home. This was part of a worldwide movement called Free Art Friday, where artists leave works of art on the streets on any Friday for anyone to take.
This opening will be exactly 12 months to the day when gremlins appeared en mass in the streets and laneways of Melbourne and Geelong.
Where: ETCH Gallery and Studios. 215 Moorabool Street, Geelong
When: 4-25 October
Info: www.etchgalleryandstudios.com