Unko Museum’s Kawaii Poop Experience is heading to Melbourne for an Aussie first

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Unko Museum’s Kawaii Poop Experience is heading to Melbourne for an Aussie first

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Words by Staff Writer

The Kawaii Poop Museum Experience is an immersive museum experience where guests will explore a one-of-a-kind world full of adorable poop games, Instagrammable photo opps, installations and displays in Melbourne.

Melbourne is about to get a taste of Japan’s “Kawaii” poop phenomenon as the Unko Museum: The Kawaii Poop Experience, also known as the “Poop Museum,” is set to open its doors at 360 Bourke Street on December 20, 2023.

Presented by Fever, a leading entertainment discovery platform, in collaboration with T-Museum, this unique experience promises Melburnians a quirky and adorable adventure.

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Inspired by Japan’s “Kawaii” poop craze, the Unko Museum invites visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in a world of pastel colours, interactive experiences, and cutesy iconic poop characters. As the only international museum dedicated to poop, the exhibit celebrates “Max Unko Kawaii,” or “the maximum cuteness of poop.”

After wowing over 1.4 million visitors in Japan (as of October 2023), the Kawaii Poop Experience is making its Australian debut, offering super adorable and colourful poop decor, Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, installations, displays, and immersive elements.

Separated into multiple zones and sections, the whimsical experiences include projected images of poop, poop-themed photo opportunity stations where guests can snap surreal selfies with flying and shiny poop props, the ‘Crappy Game Corner’ with retro-inspired games, and much more. Visitors can also round off their poop-filled journey by grabbing a kawaii poop-themed souvenir and gifts at the ‘Unko Factory.’

Melburnians should prepare for delightful surprises at every corner, discovering the magic of the Unko Museum.

It’s a family-friendly experience, set to open to the public on Wednesday, 20 December 2023, with sessions running at various times throughout the week.

Tickets are available for purchase on Tuesday 28 November, starting from AUD $19.95, but curious fans are encouraged to sign up to the waitlist and check out the website here